Caring for Your Dark Wrought Iron Furniture

Dark wrought iron furniture is normally left uncared. On the other hand if you can follow a few steps then you would be in a position to easily care your dark wrought iron furniture in your home. Never use abrasive cleaning agents in the maintenance of the dark wrought iron furniture such as chairs or loungers, small tables and other items.

A cotton rag can be used in the cleaning of the furniture by moistening it sufficiently. The mixture of mild detergent and water can be used in the cleaning process. Make use of your garden hose to spray the solution down your dark wrought iron furniture. Use sandpaper to rub off stains and rust on the iron. You can finish by using clear coat painting. Select the best of paints from the nearby hardware store. Remove glass tabletops and other non-iron items before painting. Now the dark wrought iron furniture would appear gorgeous.

Turning Spare Rooms into Walk-In Closets

It is no wonder to find a spare room in a big house. It is all the more important to put the spare room to good use. One of the ways of putting the spare room to good use is to turn it into a walk-in closet. All you have to do first is clean the room. You would do well to take measurements using a tape measure. Use nice colors to paint the doors, walls and molding of the room.

Colors such as beige and gray can be used in painting. It would be very good if you can install an area rug in the room. Then it would be better to put curtains in the windows of the spare room. You would do well to select the colors of the curtains. You may plan sufficiently regarding the seating in the room such as foot ottomans in different shapes and a wingback chair. Installation of a free-standing clothes rack in the best place in the room is the prime idea behind the turning of spare room into walk-in closet.

Installing Zero Clearance Fireplace

Installation of zero clearance fireplaces in your home is a nice idea as far as home improvement is concerned. The height of the masonry fireplace has to be measured correctly. The sides of the zero clearance fireplaces and the interior of the masonry fireplace should be separated by a distance of 8 inches. Get it right.

Metal sealing strips have to be laid on top of the hearth. It would be advisable to rightly install a non-combustible apron with an R value of .08. The top of the zero clearance fireplace and the mantle should be separated by a distance of about 12 inches. This is all the more important if the mantle is made of wood. If all these steps are followed to nicety then it would be very easy to install zero clearance fireplaces in your home. A wood stove inside the fireplace is a good innovation to make.

Making Your Dresser Appear Like a Toolbox

It is a great idea to make your dresser look like a toolbox. It can be done provided you adhere to some simple steps. First of all you have to use a mild soap to clean the dresser. Resort to the process of sanding to clean the outside of the dresser. Hence the dresser can be well prepared for painting. You would do well to choose two paint colors.

The outside of the dresser may be painted by using the brighter color. Red or yellow may be used for this purpose. The use of roller or paint brush is highly recommended in the painting process. The faces of the dresser may also be accordingly painted. You will have to complete the process of the installation of the chrome handle hardware. Handles bearing the chrome color or decorative knobs would add glitter to the making. The entire process is easy and simple for that matter.

Protecting the Teak Outdoors

Teaks outdoors are expensive and hence you should take all care to protect them sufficiently from termites, rain and wind. Surface discoloration should be carefully removed by the process of sanding. Before the application of teak oil, all you have to do is clean the teak properly. Apply semi-annual coats of teak oil.

Teak oil is very useful in temporarily sealing the wood grain if used with precision. It would advisable on your part to store the teak furniture in your shed or in your garage during the colder months. This is because of the fact that moisture can lessen the life of the teak in the furniture. Hence it is always possible to increase the life of the teak in your furniture if you are careful in taking a few steps towards protecting the teak. This is all the more important because teak is expensive and it needs precision to ensure its safety.

Hanging Your Homemade Wall Spice Racks

You need to be careful and skillful while hanging your homemade wall spice racks. It can be said that a wall-mounted spice rack is a nice idea in your home. You would first of all have to find out the possibility of interference from the studs behind the wall before the installation of the spice racks. You can then position the spice rack on the wall. The rack has to be leveled in place with the help of the carpenter’s pencil.

You would do well to make use of an electric drill to create holes in the wall. A molly bolt has to be inserted into one of these holes. You should screw the molly bolt clockwise. Ensure that the barrel remains stationary in the wall. Now the molly bolt has to be unscrewed anti-clockwise. Molly bolts should be inserted into the mounting holes of the spice racks so that they are held tight.

Binding Carpet Remnant Ends

Binding the remnant ends of the carpet rug on the floor of your house is a nice idea to keep the house neat. First of all you have to do is cut the loose threads of the carpet remnant with scissors. Use glue to bind the ends of the carpet remnant that are cut properly. You would do well to allow the glue to sufficiently dry.

The method suggested above would suit the carpets that are used in areas where upon you don’t find lot of people walking. The method suggested above would safeguard an inexpensive and an affordable carpet. This is so because as the time goes on a few more threads in the carpet may get loosened. The process has to be repeated in case you find some more threads of the carpet get loosened. Hot glue can be used in the process. Every time you have to allow the glue to dry properly.

Ideas for Washing High Windows Having Ledges

It is always true that you would find it difficult to clean high windows having ledges in your home. It can of course be done when certain tips are followed. You would do well to buy some effective window washing tools, such as a squeegee, a window bucket, soap and microfiber cloths. It is true that ledge comes in the way of cleaning.

It is interesting to note that you can make use of the ledge to your advantage while cleaning the high window. Remember that you have to clean the ledge in a nice way in order to make your high window look neat and great. If the ledge is unclean the process of cleaning the high window would go in vain. Clean the inside of the window well. An extension pole and the squeegee should be used to nicety to clean the inside of the high window of your house.

Recognize the Quality of Persian Rugs

It is easy to tell whether a particular Persian rug is good in its make. Ensure whether the rug is hand-made. The seller would do well to enlighten you on the history of the rug. The pattern across the rug should be studied well by you. Look for symmetrical pattern in the rugs.

Ensure that you look rightly into the label on the rug before purchasing it. The label will have details regarding the country of its making. This is because of the fact that Persian rugs are nicely made only in Iran. In other words it can be said that quality Persian rugs are made in Iran. Of late it is true that the art of rug making has entered other countries like Pakistan, India and China too. Finally the material with which the Persian rug is made has to be checked. The weave also has to be thoroughly checked.

Hanging Pictures on Door Hooks

Door hooks can be nicely used to hang pictures. Attach the wire properly to the frame of the picture that you would hand on the door hook. Take the help of a screwdriver to fix the door hook on a wooden frame. Wire has to be twisted nicely in place. Select the spot on the door where you want to fix the hook to hang a picture.

Hooks differ from one another in the sense that most of them fit directly into the door. In other words it can be said that they can be screwed directly into the door. Finally you can place the picture on the hook and the picture can be nicely hanged. Remember that you can safely use wood picture frames over the door hooks. Picture frame mounting is also possible to be done over door hooks. Doors look attractive when they have pictures mounted over them.