Oriental rug to give your home an ethnic feel

Oriental rugs refer to the elegant rugs crafted in the Asian nations like Turkey, China, India and Iran. They are usually hand woven with natural fibers and beautifully created with intricate floral or garden motifs or curvilinear or geometric designs. These patterns reflect the ethnicity and religious influence of their geographical locations.

The costly Oriental rugs have a timeless appeal and are the best to bring the perfect dose of glamour in your home with an ethnic feel. You can place it anywhere like the drawing or living area apart from the bedroom. The woolen ones are most preferred since they are soft, durable, fire and dirt resistant. Thus you can easily place them in high traffic areas.

Besides, they come in a variety of sizes and shades and hence you get a huge selection to choose from as per you’re your desired choice. However, these rugs need regular vacuum and make sure to go for a professional cleaning once a year.

Ways to get rid of nasty pet stains from your rugs

Everyone loves their pets, especially children. Their silly annoying habits and all their ways of impressing you make you really fall in love with them. But you hate them equally for spoiling your lovable rugs and carpets. Although you train your pets, there might be a chance when they might do a mistake after or during the process of training. Therefore to maintain both the pets and rugs together, you need to be more careful. That is the basic thing.

The first thing you must do is try to clean the stain as soon as it is created. The longer the stain stays, the stronger will it become. Instead of trying various things, you must directly use special cleaning agents. These cleaning agents are very quick and effective in their action. Pet odor and stain removers are very easily available and are quite affordable also. You should not mind buying something that will create a clean atmosphere for your house.

Keep your silver cutleries as good as new

You can keep your silver cutleries as good as new with a little bit of effort and care. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it should be washed in hand using hot soapy water. The silver cutlery can get eroded if oil or food stuffs stick to it. So ensure that no food residue is sticking to it and rinse properly. You should never use scrubbers or washing liquid which has lemon in it. This will only lead to the damage of your beautiful cutlery.

You may use a stainless steel knife for scrubbing purposes incase food stuffs sticks to it. A brush made of plastic is best to use for cleaning silvery cutlery. The next thing is drying, followed by buffing it with a cloth which is soft and dry. If you want your silver cutlery to sparkle, use a good quality liquid polish. Finally, store your cutlery in a proper cabinet to avoid scratches.

With appropriate care it will last for more than 20 years.

Refinishing Your Primitive Furniture

Refinishing your primitive furniture needs a certain tips to be followed to nicety. First of all to ensure cleanliness you have to envelope the work area with a layer of plastic sheet. You would do well to remove hardware anywhere near your primitive furniture. You should use soap water and a soft rug in the cleaning of the primitive furniture that needs to be refurnished.

You would do well to apply chemical stripper to the affected part of the wood. It is better to check for loose arms or legs of the furniture. Dowels, glue and screws can be used to perfection to repair the loose parts of the furniture. Oil finish is highly recommended in the sealing of the wood. Replacement of the old hardware will give a great look to the entire piece of furniture for sure. If done with precision, refurnishing your primitive furniture is a very good idea.

Tips for Displaying Tiara Dishes in China Cabinets

Displaying Tiara dishes in china cabinets require some skill for that matter. First of all you have to ensure that all the items in your china cabinet are removed properly. You would do well to purchase plate stands for larger dishes. Use the center of the shelves of the china cabinet for places the larger Tiara dishes.

You would do really well to organize the placement of the Tiara items in a decorative way. In short it can be said that the taller Tiara dishes can be kept at the back of the smaller Tiara items so that the entire arrangement has a touch of beauty in it. You have to take care so that the arrangement with regard to each shelf is proper. The pieces should be arranged in such a way that the color and the design match one another. Continue to arrange the pieces until you are totally satisfied.