Taking care of your oil paintings

Most of us love to paint but very few people take care of their paintings. The artists definitely know how to care for their paintings, especially the oil paintings. The new beginners need a little help with this as they might not know how to care for their paints properly.

There are certain things which you must keep in mind while dealing with oil paintings. You must never stand the canvas against any sharp or pointed object. This can cause damage to your canvas. Then you must keep the canvas far away from the sunrays. This can fade away the colors of the painting and thus will make your painting look dull. Then there are chances of the canvas being covered with dust. To avoid that you can cover it with a clean cloth or even put cellophane papers on it. In case, dust has already fallen on it, you can wipe it off with a very soft and dry cloth. You can even blow off the dust with a blower, but that’s only if you’re not allergic to dust.

How to pick the right hues for your home exteriors

Picking the right colors for the exterior of your house can be confusing at times. There are innumerable colors which are available in a variety of shades. Here are a few steps that will help you to decide on the hues for home exteriors.

Firstly, you can decide the color of the exteriors based on the color and design of the roof top. If it has a traditional or ancient look, then you could try dark shades to enhance its effects. Then, you can also decide on the color of the hues by judging the ambience around your home.

If there is a lot of greenery around your home, then its best to paint the walls with bright colors, especially those related to nature like shades of green and yellow, etc. According to some people, making your home look happy and bright is a good idea. Therefore, you can also try multiple paints on the walls in the same pattern.

Must have gardening tools to do up your backyard

People who are fond of decorating each part of their house will not ignore the backyard of their house when it comes to beautifying it. The most important thing thereafter is how well you maintain your backyard using the tools which are available in the market. There are many hand tools which you can use, or you can use power tools in your backyard.

Hand tools consist of tools like spade, pitchfork, hoe, garden rake and the list continues. The first power tool that came into existence was the lawn mower. Some other power tools you can use for your backyard are sprinklers, cultivators, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and sweepers, string trimmers, etc. Choose the tools in accordance to your needs. People who have a smaller backyard area will not require much of the power tools. With the help of these tools you can maintain the look and feel of the backyard very easily.

Ways to give your guest’s room a Victorian feel

If you don’t know what Victorian period decor means, it probably means that you know nothing about home décor. Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom lived from 1819 to 1901. This period is known as the Victorian Period and it is well known for its sense of formality and elegance.

Giving this feel of elegance to your guest room will make you popular and it will definitely keep your guests happy. In order to do this, you should understand and study the basics of Victorian décor. Using Bold fabrics and ornate flowers are some of the basic elements of a Victorian home décor. You can also use ornate color patterns in your wallpapers and paints. Get matching linens, bed sheets and wallpapers in order to give your room the desired Victorian style. Once you are done with it, you will understand why the Victorian style of décor is so renowned.

Right bathroom lighting options to give it a comfy feel

The bathroom is one part of your home where you can come after a hard day and relax by losing yourself in a hot shower or bathtub. So basically a bathroom needs to feel comfortable, relaxing and elegant. The right kind of lighting is necessary for every room of the house and especially the bathroom. Not only can the right lighting change the entire ambience of the bathroom but it can actually give a complete makeover to your bathroom from a dingy corner to a brightened up space instead.

You can go for various kinds of lighting like ambient or task lighting, ceiling lights or soft mirror lights. But make sure all electrical sockets are well covered. Safety is the first thing in a bathroom after all. Also make sure your bathroom is well ventilated to allow natural light and air to come in. This would keep the bathroom fresh and clean at all times.

Effective color palate for your bathroom

Bathroom is the most vital and personal space of your home. The bathroom design should reflect your character, give a luxurious feel and set the perfect mood. Colors have a strong affect on your mood and they can inspire many emotions. So, it is very important to choose an effective color palate for your bathroom.

You must always go for colors that fill you with energy and bliss. Pastels can give your bathroom a calm and serene feel, while bright colors may be more vibrant. If you want your small bathroom to appear larger, go for lighter shades as they give a more open feel. On the other hand, the neutral shades will make your bathroom look chic and classy. You can always use white, as it reflects sophistication, strength and balance. The lighter colors like blue give a simple yet sober feel to your bathroom. Colors like yellow will reflect the energy and warmth of the shinning sunrays.

Tips to clean your French windows

French windows are glass panes that are divided into small pieces by plastic or wood. Cleaning the small pieces can be pretty tedious and therefore most window cleaners hate cleaning the French windows. If you hate cleaning French windows here are some tips that might help you.

In a spray bottle, fill one part white vinegar and one part hot water. To cut the smell of the vinegar you will have to add two or three drops of essential oil in it. Excess essential oil will cause streaking on the panes of the glass. Put back the lid and shake the bottle properly.

Spray the mixture onto one glass pane at a time. Start from the top and work your way across. After that, use a newspaper or paper towel to clean the glass panes until they are dry. Spray the vinegar solution on a soft piece of cloth and clean the frames and fixtures with it.