Beaded lamps for something extra

Almost every home has beautiful lamps as integral part of its décor. So if you want to give your home a different look you cannot get the regular lamps. Be different and get beaded lamps. They look amazing and add a lot of character to your room. The beaded lamps come in different styles and designs and you can get a lamp that complements the overall décor of your room. Most of the lifestyle stores have amazing collection of beaded lamps.

You can go in for the very popular citrine beaded table lamp. This beautiful, opulent beaded lamp has a hand-made rayon shade. The base of this lamp is also exquisite; the resin base is antique brass finished. The lamp shade usually comes in ruby color. You can also opt for the crystal beaded lamp. It will add texture and personality in your room. The lamp comes with a brushed chrome finish and can enhance the overall design of any room.

Summer colors for your home

Do you want your house to be a real cool and windy comfort hub all through the summer? Well then here are a few guidelines about how to reduce a good amount of temperature from your home during scorching summer heat.

Firstly you need to stick to lighter shades like cream, beige, off white instead of gold, deep chocolate, purple or burgundy hues for your living room, bed room and dining rooms. Colors like sky blue, minty or ice green have brilliant heat reflecting contents and they extracts much of the extra warmth from the walls of your house and thus keep them cool.

The famous honey amber has been chosen as one of the most soothing house paint for its comforting and splendid shades of matte gray and subdued white. This house pigment product is truly luxurious yet very simple and grounded and provides great temperature reflexes though natural green shades are equally famous for their blissful refuge texture.

Tips to purchase RV mattresses

You deserve a good night’s sleep when you are hitting a road trip, similar to sleeping at home. So it is important that you buy a mattress that takes care of your needs. Here are some tips for buying the right RV mattress for you:

Before you go ahead for buying one for yourself, you should know exactly what type and size of mattress you want. The best way to first judge the RV mattress is to lie down, turning on each side and test which mattress feels better. You also need to consider some advices when you are buying the same for children. Make note of the warranty and other maintenance instructions of the mattress before you buy it.

The technology today has contributed a lot to the mattresses; you can go for many of those. The best option would a memory foam mattress also available as the latex foam. This will add extra amounts of luxury to your comfort out of home.

French inspired home décor

Do you want your new home to be done up in French style? Well, the French are renowned for their style and French interior décor will give your home a wonderful look. Here are some tips for adorning your house the French way. For starters you have to make sure that you choose the right color. The colors that you can choose from include terracotta, rust, and deep red, gold and yellow. Go in for a textured wall and add to it with faux finish.

For your French styled home you have to get the right flooring. You can opt for stone, wood or ceramic tiles. Terracotta ceramic tiles will look wonderful. On the other hand, wood floor will give you an appealing rustic look. Your furniture and cabinets should be made of wood. French country style always banks on natural materials. When it comes to fabrics and furnishings, follow the French style of mixing and matching.

All about Italian home interiors

Italian styles and décors have always been a perfect choice for people who want to innovatively decorate their home. The widespread popularity of Italian home decorations and interiors can be attributed to sense of awareness and respect associated with Italian culture. Creating an Italian environment for your drawing room or bed room is not at all difficult. With proper paints, furniture arrangements and genuine Italian items and products, you can achieve a fresh Italian look.

Necessities include well-furnished bedrooms to grace your home. That’s an important inclusion, as Italians have always given greater emphasis on the private life of men and women, as well as relaxation to the mind and body. Next is the living room, which should embody elegance and comfort. You can add rich textures or colors, complemented well with magnificent art pieces, canvas art or antiques. Kitchens also occupy an important aspect of Italian home décor. It should be a harmonious and soothing place in your home, where you can go about cooking the best food.

Flooring options for your kitchen

Selecting a perfect flooring option for your kitchen is not an easy task. So, just to make sure you get the best kitchen flooring considering a few criteria like budget, quantity of time spent in kitchen, kids’ activity around the kitchen cum dining room should be your basic concern.

Concrete kitchen flooring is the most traditional flooring option where the layering system is easy and the concrete floor doesn’t get heated up. You can add some modern decorative styles to this type of flooring option; it has got easy maintenance features also. Laminate floors are the latest kitchen flooring option where you can use abstract images on your synthetic flooring and hard plastic covers could be used to protect it from dirt and moist.

If you are a lover of retro style kitchen flooring then go for the linoleum flooring which has both the shiny and matte look and are made of natural ingredients like pine resin, powder wood and, seed oil etc. If the kitchen is your heavy duty zone then choosing non porous slate flooring would be an intelligent decision.

All about adjustable bed mattresses

Do you want to change your bed mattress or do you want to buy a bed mattress that is best suitable for you? Then, you should go for those bed mattresses which do not give you any back ache and will give you a sound sleep.

Many adjustable mattresses come in two sided versions. One side would be a soft one and the other one is the firmer one. You can enjoy both the sides of the mattresses perfectly. The adjustable bed mattresses have a very long span of life. These mattresses come in various prices, so you can choose from a wide range of options.

There are some of the advantages in using these mattresses. The best part is that they reduce the skin temperature. They are used mostly in hospitals and nursing homes as they give proper spinal support. The adjustable mattresses are also preferred by a number of athletes. It helps in enhancing their performance by ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

Ideal flooring options for basements

You can cover your basement floor with carpet tiles, rubber or vinyl tiles. Carpet tiles are easy to install. All you have to do is put adhesive on the back of the tile and then press the tile on the floor. You can put them directly on the concrete basement floor. You can cover the complete floor with carpet tiles or even make a rug with them. Carpet tiles are more versatile and are available in many colours and designs.

You can also do rubber flooring on the basement floor. Rubber tiles have interlocking designs and are once again easy to install. Rubber tiles are also stain resistant and extremely durable. You can also go for cost-effective flooring with the use of vinyl tiles. You get self- adhesive ones in the market which you can install yourself.

Another inexpensive method that you can use for your basement floor is stained concrete. The easiest and best one to use is acrylic concrete stains. You can install this yourself by just following instructions.

Must have baby furniture’s in a nursery

If you are expecting a baby, it is necessary to plan the nursery. Starting from the color of the walls to the furniture, everything needs to be planned properly. The furniture should be such that they do not obstruct the crib. Try and take measurements of the walls and carry them to the furniture store.

When picking a crib, choose one with one or two drawers under the mattress. This extra space can be very helpful and minimizes the use of unnecessary furniture. Place the crib in such a way that it fits against a wall. You can buy a small changing table to keep in front of the crib.

A glider or rocking chair is useful in a nursery. Buy one which can be moved out of the room easily if required. Use proper lighting in the room. If you need extra light you can buy a shelf or floor lamp.

Add a soothing touch to your bedroom with the right colors

Bedroom is one of the most essential areas in your apartment or home. That’s the place where you will rest after a tiring and mundane day at work. Therefore, you should have the right colors in your bedroom, so as to add a soothing touch to your mind and body. Color trends for bedrooms largely depend upon expressing an individual’s innermost desires, and creating his/her personal space. You would not want too appealing colors to spoil your mood.

With over 7 million different colors in the palette, it’s a daunting task to search for the right combination. But according to the current trends, people have shown a liking for naturalistic hues, like variations of green and brown. These add warmth to the entire room, and are thus a perfect choice. Besides, shades of light, medium and dark colors are also popular amongst customers and home owners. Such a hue portrays freshness and lightness, and should never be too saturated or deep.