Patio furniture maintenance tips

patio furniture , furniture maintenanceA lot of people think that taking care of patio furniture is difficult. However, the truth is though patio furniture requites extra care because they are always kept outdoors there is actually nothing difficult about it. Here are some tips that will help you. First, you should clean your patio furniture daily using a soft brush or a piece of nylon cloth. Keeping dirt from buildings goes a long way in maintaining the appearance of the patio furniture.

Second, if the furniture has stubborn dirt on it, you have to clean it thoroughly. For this purpose you can use a pressure washer. Once the furniture is cleaned you will have to let in dry thoroughly in the sun. Most patio furniture is made with wood and requires indoor storage if you want to maintain their beauty for a very long time. If your patio furniture is made with aluminum you can use powder coats to give the harsh weather elements from affected it.

Garage cabinets maintenance -DIY tips

Garage cabinetsGarage is one of the places in our homes about which we would think at the last moment while we are cleaning or renovating our house. This is the case with many of us and the reason for this is because we do not understand that it is also very essential that we take proper care of the garage of our homes and maintain it regularly.

One of the most important parts of the décor of a garage is the garage cabinet. With a little time and effort the entire garage as well as the garage cabinet can be effectively cleaned and maintained without any professional assistance and with the products that are commonly available at your home. some of the most important things that you should keep in mind while maintaining a garage cabinet bon regular basis is that you should not let water or moisture stand on the surface of the garage cabinet and not use corrosive products for cleaning it.

Bedroom décor in purple

Bedroom design ideas, bedroom decorPurple is a great color which can be experimented with. Bedrooms are supposed to be passionately decorated and the entire room should be designed and set up in such a manner so that it is blissful inviting and serene, Fen Shui says that purple is the color of cosmic love so which other room can you adorn in purple other than your own bedroom.

Experiment with colors like purple, violet and lilac. Don’t use the same color on all the walls, bed sheets and curtains as that would look over the top. And doing up a room in purple doesn’t mean that every item of the room has to be in that shade. You can color the walls in purple but you can go for dark colored and embroidery worked heavy drapes and curtains. You can have one or two photo frames in purple a well. Instead of having purple bed sheets, have the pillow covers in purple and keep the bed sheet white. Use these ideas to glam up your bedroom.

Various kinds of pergolas to choose from

pergolasThere are a lot of different types of pergolas to choose from. One of the most common types is the cladded designed pergolas. In this design, there is an inclusion of a roof or a clad to the design which is quite contrary to the general idea of a pergola. It can be very effective for providing protection from the harsh rays of the sun.

Another popular choice for pergolas would be the open tops. It is structure of traditional sense which is the conventional idea of a pergola. This kind of a structure is used for providing protection to the trellised and the vines. You will be able to give your house a unique feel of the Mediterranean. Another popular choice for pergolas would be the gabled ones. They have two roofs that are sloping and they form a triangular structure. Pitched pergolas are also quite common. They resemble the patios of the condos.