Tips to keep your closet organized

closet maintenance, home careClosets are meant to keep your clothes neat and in an organized fashion. However, if the closets become disorganized, maintaining your clothes will be impossible. Therefore, it is very important that you declutter your closet and keep everything in order. Organization is very important in case of walk in closets.

Therefore, you start by arranging the clothes in the closet according to their type. The jackets should have a particular rack to itself while the dresses should have one for themselves. It is never wise to keep differ clothes in a haphazard manner as that will only make you not fond your clothes when you need it. Building shelves in the closet is also advisable. The shelves should be allotted for different category of items like shoes, scarves, hats and other items. Do not forget to build a chamber for your woolen winter garments. You will not be needing them for the entire year so they need to be kept in a different space.

Make a small guest room appear larger

Guest room decoration, home decor ideasSmall rooms are never a problem if you know how to make them appear larger. There are lots of ways by which you can make them appear larger. One of the best ways is to manipulate with the paints. You should go for light and pale colors. They reflect a lot of light and thus make the area look brighter and bigger.

Then, you should have a lot of big windows in the room. This will make the room airy and a lot of light will come in. Having extended window sills is also a good idea. Another fine trick is to use mirrors on the opposite walls. If you place two big mirrors on the opposite walls, infinite images of the room will be created making the room appear endless. Your guests will have the first impression that they have entered a big room and by the time they catch the trick, they will surely be impressed by your creativity.

How to Create a Decorative Vignette

Decorative Vignette, home decorThere are a few things that you need to consider when you are creating a decorative vignette. Firstly, you have to get your treasures, trinkets and accessories gathered. You have to get them on a table and have a look at them. You have to get the items sorted. You have to get together the candleholders and the candles, the figurines of ceramic and the vases and carry on with the process until all the items are divided.

Look at the groups and get the items sorted according to the size, shapes and the colors. When making vignettes you have to keep in mind that you have to use three items of different colors and three items of different heights. Therefore, if you are using candles for the vignettes, you should be using three candles and they should be of different heights and colors. However, they must be of the same shape.

Unique design of a Moroccan area rug

Moroccan area rug, rugsThere are many customers who prefer to have an area rug in their house and especially that of Morocco. The reason why Moroccan area rugs are so popular is because of their unique design especially the bolder coloration and block like geometry composition. They are hand woven and that is why the designs are so unique. Moroccan area rugs are mainly created by women living in the remote mountains. However with the increase in popularity they are now built by men too. They are dynamic and colorful and their borders are either symmetrical or asymmetrical in the design.

One thing that is very notable in Moroccan area rugs is that they do not have any borders in their design. This is something which is very unique because no other rugs can be found without rugs. Moroccan area rugs are generally a bit more expensive than the normal rugs but considering the unique design and the creativity involved the money will be worth spending.

Beautiful Wool Throws for your home

Wool Throws, buy Wool ThrowsIf you want to add a touch of elegance and comfort in your home you can consider getting some woolen blankets and throws. They can adorn your beds couches and sofas. You can get factory made or hand woven blankets. These can also be gifted on weddings and such occasions. You can find some great brand woolen blankets which are classy and exquisite as well.

If you but these online, you have to do it from a reputed website. The quality of the wool is most important. It’s best that you choose the cash on delivery option so that you can see it for yourself before you buy it. Also the washing instructions should be followed well so that they don’t wear and tear within a short period of time. Mostly these require gentle wash. You can also give them to special laundries which deal with delicate cloth for extra precautions.