An account on shower curtain rods

shower curtain rods, bathroom accessoriesEarlier homeowners did not have much choice when it came to shower curtain rods. However, things have changed now and if you are planning to get some shower curtain rods, you will be spoilt for choice when you go to the store. These rods are available in stunning range and you can purchase the ones that will complement the décor of your bathroom.

While choosing the shower curtain rods you will first have to decide whether you want chrome rods or brass rods. There are not only polished shower curtain rods but highly polished ones as well; you have to decide which one you want. If you want to draw undivided attention to the shower curtain rods, you can choose the chromium plated curved rods with the steel tubes. If you want to give your bathroom a high end feel, then you can opt for gold finish shower curtain rods.

Candles to Glam Up Your Home

candles at homeOne of the best ways to glam up your home and give it a very classy and serene feel is to use candles. Candles always give us a feeling of bliss and tranquility. Having aromatic candles in your home can actually bring about a positive change in your home and lifestyle. You can buy decorative and aromatic candles of various shapes and sizes to decorate your living room. Put up decorative candles on shelves, mantelpieces, etc. for a classy feel. You can even go for a large candle and arrange it with dried herbs in a base on your coffee table.

You can also decorate your bedroom vanity dressing table with candles. Have a small table near your window and you can decorate that with candles too, go for various colors and decorations with sparkles and other additions for an edgy look. Aromatic candles in the bathroom are also a great idea to make the atmosphere there fresh and inviting at all times.

Benefits of a Green Home

Benefits of a Green Home, eco homesA green home is basically that kind of a house which uses technology and materials which are eco friendly. The paint used in such homes does not emit any harmful fumes, the materials used for flooring and furniture is all natural. The glass too is also very environment as they are made from renewable or recyclable material and provide natural heating facilities.

The energy resources of the house basically are taken from a renewable source. For this you would need a government based green home construction certificate too. The lightings which are used can also be environment friendly. Energy saving bulbs and tube lights are used in a large number of contemporary homes which makes it easy for one to save up on the electricity bills too. Green homes are cost effective and even healthier to live in.

Wallpaper vs. painting

Home decor ideas, home decorWhen you’re planning to decorate your home walls, one dilemma you could find yourself in is that whether to go for wallpaper or paint. There are advantages and disadvantages of both. When you use wallpaper, you choices are varied and application or installation is easier as well. You can change your wallpaper whenever you want. All you have to do is peel of the older one carefully. One disadvantage is that the color and patterns designs of wallpapers might fade easily.

When you use paints, the painting of the whole rooms might take longer time. Also when someone mentions paint, it brings in the thought of a single monotonous color in mind. If you want, you can put in extra patterns and designs or use various paint job techniques for a contemporary look. The downside is that some paints release harmful chemicals in gaseous forms and it’s also not easy to keep changing the paint again and again. It’s also a more expensive option as compared to wallpapers.