How to rearrange your attic furniture?

attic furnitureIf the attic furniture in your home is kept in the same place for a long period of time, it will impart a sort of monotonous look to the appearance of your home. In such cases people start thinking of replacing the old attic with new ones. But if you are running short of funds you can also change the monotonous appearance of your house simply by rearranging the attic furniture.

Change the position of the furniture in your home. For example you can simply shift the position of the sofa set and the centre table to give your drawing room a new look.

You have to rearrange the furniture in such way so that the utility and the productivity of the furniture are in no way hampered. You can take the help some expert personnel or interior designer as well to receive suggestions about where to shift which furniture.


Use white for linen for a softer appeal

Home decor ideas, home decorFabrics are the soul of a home décor. No matter how beautiful a theme is to a home it is incomplete without the proper fabric. The fabrics here signify all the things made of cloth used to decorate the home. It can be carpets, rugs, bed sheets, cushion covers, pillow cases, curtains, blinds, table top covers and shower curtains.
In order to go for a soft appeal to your home that radiates tranquility go forth with the color white. If not absolutely suitable try lighter shades of white and light colors.

White linen on your bed gives the sense of cleanliness and peace to your home. Even usage of white in fabrics amplify the spaciousness of the room, brighten it up with the reflection of light and also gives an air of calmness that is not easily associated to any other color. When going for the Tuscan theme for decorating your home white is an all time classic.

Vintage décor for your curtains

Vintage décor for your curtainsAre you aligned towards vintage decor? You add a spice of vintage décor to the interior of your house by adding vintage décor to the curtains of your home. While selecting curtains you have to keep the vintage design patterns in your mind. In earlier times the curtains used to be heavily and intricately designed. Sometimes even the embroidery used to be done with expensive threads.

So while selecting the curtains go for heavily designed. Also keep in mind that the color of the curtain that you are choosing should go well with the interior of your room. The cutting and stitching of the curtains should also be in compliance with the vintage style. The plaited curtains used to be much in demand in those days. So instruct your tailor to stitch the curtains in the same way as the ones used by the kings and he emperors in the earlier days.

3 amazing tips to clean your carpet

Carpet cleaning, home careIf you have a carpet in your home, then you must take proper care of the carpet and should clean it at regular intervals to prevent it from getting damaged. But then whenever you are cleaning the carpet, you must keep proper things in your mind. If the carpet is not cleaned in the proper way, then it will be detrimental for the carpet.

Read the cleaning and drying instruction of your carpet carefully to understand the ways in which you can clean it. Normally the cleaning instructions are provided at a label at the back of the carpet.

Don’t let the dust and dirt settle on the carpet for long period of time as in such case it may be difficult to clean the carpet properly. Try using a piece of cloth or a brush and slowly remove the dust by beating the carpet. Don’t use vacuum cleaners as in most cases using vacuum cleaners cause the fur of the carpet to come off. However you can keep sue the vacuum, but then keep the power level at the lowest and also be very careful while using it.

Don’t use any harsh detergent or soapy solution for cleaning the carpet. Use normal water to clean the carpet. Make sure that you dry the carpet completely from within or otherwise the furs will be damaged.

Quick Fixes on Roofing

1)   How to repair a wet roof deck

Wet roofs are such a thing which can’t be put aside without paying attention. Just recovering a wet roof deck won’t make the issue to get away. This is because a recovered roof deck will only cause the roof to blister and that’s not enough. Apart from blistering the roof, it also it can also cause other problems which are not covered under any kind of warranty.

Here is the correct solution for recovering the wet roof deck in the most appropriate manner. First of all you have to identify all the wet areas in the roof. For doing this you should conduct any of the moisture survey out of three moisture survey. Three type of moisture survey include infrared, nuclear and capacitance. These surveys do not measure moisture. They actually measure the effect of the moisture which the roofing materials have within them.

If you are intending to get best results then go for all moisture scan as all of them offers different results. These results give the proper idea of what to do with your roof. This will inform you whether to replace it or it just need repairing work. If the moisture is found more in the roof it means you will have to expend more to get it repaired.

2)   What you need to know about flat roof coatings

Flat roofs coatings are considered to be a very advisable investment for your roof. A flat roof coating is useful for extending the life of your roof. It will in turn increase its durability. It is useful in lowering the temperature of your roof. Thus it is energy and cost saving. As there are so many types of flat roofs available in today’s time, it would be difficult to say the type of coating to be applies to your flat roof. Different coatings are required for different substrates. It is difficult for the coating to adhere with the smooth, hard and those surfaces which are chemically inert. On the other hand it is easier for the coating to adhere with the irregular, rough and those surfaces which are chemically active. A coating improves the roof if the installer has put down a base or prime coat.

3)   Keys to ensure successful rooftop PV system

The prime step to be taken for successful rooftop PV installation is to check out that the underlying roofing system is compatible with the intended system of PV or it needed to be upgraded. Choose a roofer which has the perfect knowledge about the roof as well as PV system. Here are some of the points for proper installation of roof top PV system.

  • Check out that your roof will be able to provide an additional life of 20 years.
  • Don’t forget to install an sacrificial membranes or walkways at heavy traffic locations.
  • For increasing durability, provide extra membrane layers or coatings at flashings.
  • Check out that the rooftop PV system installation is not compromising the warranty of roofing system.