5 Tips On Creating a Modern Kitchen

Modern KitchenYour kitchen is certainly one of the most significant areas of your home and the sanctuary of your treasured culinary expeditions. Its no wonder that when it comes to home remodeling, many homeowners start with the kitchen. Are you about to remodel your kitchen soon and looking for ideas? Or, are you planning to sell your home in near future and looking to attract buyers with modern day trends?  Whatever the reason may be for your kitchen remodeling, a modern outlook is always welcome. Now follow these steps to ensure a modern looking kitchen that will “wow” any visitors

1. Get a fresh paint

Nothing says “fresh” so aptly than a new coat of paint. White is the new “in” when it comes to kitchen colors assuring a very urbane feel. However, if painting all the walls is beyond your budget, you can re-paint the focal area. It could the wall portion behind your actual cooking zone where you can have the contemporary accent painting- in yellow or red or tangerine. Don’t use blue as the color is considered as hunger suppressant.

2. Stone countertops

Your kitchen countertop is one of the major aspects of your kitchen and a modern re-do here will certainly up the glam quotient of the room. The stone countertops are a hot favorite courtesy their plush classy quotient. Granite is the top favorite both for the trendy interior designers and homeowners. A black granite countertop speaks elegance at its best and its long-lasting durability assures a smart investment. Next to granite you have the marble countertops which are also a desired option for modern kitchen.

3. Glass cabinet door

Glass is the maxim of contemporary décor and hence a must have for your 21st century urbane culinary space. It’s advised that you replace the existing cabinet doors with fine glass options to create the trendy feel. The very presence of glass will create a neat sleek aura in your kitchen, in perfect tune with the streamlined theme of modern style.

4. Incorporate island

A modern kitchen is simply incomplete sans an island. These central units are meant to be remarkably functional & you can get yours custom built as per your specific needs. For example, if you are into great deal of cooking, get an island with in-built chopping board or sink.

5. Modern fixtures & appliances

The modern kitchen improvement sector is bustling with a huge bunch of interesting fixtures today one of which is high-arc or gooseneck faucets. Some of them turn off on a single touch on the handle or spout. Interestingly, some of the gooseneck faucets are also accompanied by handy soap dispensers. You will find other beautifully designed modern faucets to choose from as well. Then, as the modern trend is getting increasingly electric your 21st century kitchen won’t be complete if you cannot involve the modern electrical facilities here. So, if possible get a new fridge. A microwave oven with convection mode is another welcome addition. Then, of course, you have the induction cooktop which assures 60% energy savings.