How To Lay Your Shingles

Laying shingles

Shingles are such a thing which protects sloping roof tops from snow, hail and rain and also act as an beautiful and attractive crown for your king size house. Having a solid layer above your roofing in the form of shingles is an admirable way of avoiding leaks and water damage. But the main thing lies in laying your shingles. If laying your shingles is done in proper and efficient manner then you have can have roof out of problems and troubles for almost 20 to 40 years. Laying your shingles can be difficult and hard work but the reward you get in return in the form of watertight, attractive roof can be worth doing this difficult work of laying your shingles. Here are some of the steps which will teach you how to lay your shingles.

  • Size your shingles properly

It depends upon how you are going to organize your courses and rows. However there are some roofers who believe in cutting five different sizes of shingles when they are using basic three tab variety. Generally you will cut off one half width of the first tab for starting the first course and then you will change the necessary area to fill it with each of the row along with shifting the slots. Following cuts are generally useful for laying your shingles.

  • You can make use of a half tab off for lying off your first tab shingles.
  • You can make use of a full tab for lying off your second tab shingle.
  • You can use 1.5 tabs of for your lying off your third tab shingles.
  • You can use 2 tabs off for lying on your fourth course shingles.
  • For lying off your fifth course shingles, you can cut off half of your final tab. Try and keep intact your 6th course shingles.
  • Lay your shingles at the bottom of the roof

After you are done with getting aware with the size of the shingles, it’s now the time to lay your shingles. You need to lay your shingles very carefully and efficiently as it is an important thing. Start placing nails in the three tab shingles for about ¾ inches just above the cutouts just at the pot where the upper part of the shingles meets the tabs. While nailing your shingles, nailing will cause the next shingle to cover all the nail heads and let the subsequent and the next row of the shingles to penetrate and get hold of the top edge of the lower row of shingles. Thus it might seem to be difficult process to lay your shingles but it is equally beneficial.

  • Lay your shingles in row

When you are done with the bottom of the roof it’s now the time to lay your shingles row wise. Start with laying your shingle’s first row. Try to be perfect ad efficient while laying your shingles that too first row. Once you are done with the first row, you will know the proper process and other row will be done more properly.