Tips To Clean Mirrored Furniture

tips of cleaning mirrored furniture

Undoubtedly mirrored furniture gives amazing looks. They are just gorgeous. The reflective nature of the mirror will add a different level of glamour to your home. Application of mirrored furniture in your home will also have one added benefit of making your room look larger than it actually is. However keep this thing in mind that when you applying mirrored furniture in room, it will give reflection of colors and also light. You can use plenty of colors, patterns, looks and styles with mirrored furniture. As it is mirrored, it does not restrict the styling and designs. But one of thing which you should always be careful of is about cleaning mirrored furniture. Mirrored furniture must always look polished and clean or else it will give a dirty and untidy look to the room. Glass on the other hand gives reflective surface and also saves you from the deep cleaning work as that of mirrored surface. A combination of glass and mirror will give your space the perfect combination needed to charm up your room. However any single addition in the room which is classy and sophisticated will also be needing high level of maintenance also. Mirrored furniture will need high level of cleaning and maintenance. Any kind of spill or finger print or smudge will be very easily highlighted on the mirrored furniture. Any flaw or imperfection will be very easily seen on the mirrored surface. Here are some of the tips to clean your mirrored furniture and make it look sparkling clean and bright.

  • Ensure that you are regularly dusting your mirrored furniture having soft microfiber cloth for preventing the dust from building up and also maintain that gleaming reflection. Even the slight amount of dust on such furniture would be visible very easily and clearly and will dull the shine of your whole furniture as the mirror will by far double up the visible layer of dust.
  • Try to avoid dragging any of the items across the mirror surface as it might leave scratches and scraps on the surface. Also be careful while arranging the vases or any other heavy items on your mirror surface for gently lifting up and also placing them down.
  • Manufacturers of mirror surface also recommend keeping the staining substances like lotions, perfumes, hair dye, and alcohol away from the surface to avoid stains. But if you are having a mirrored dressing table then all of these items would be definitely there and spilled on the surface. However hard you try, there would be some or the other cosmetic product which will come in contact with the mirror and spoil it the best alternative to protect it is immediate cleaning. If you clean your mirrored furniture on the very moment when it got dirty then it will maintain its shine.
  • Ensure to make use of a non-solvent cleaner for cleaning your mirrored furniture. Gently wipe the surface with the no fiber cloth to avoid any damage to the surface.