How to Waterproof Around a Roof Vent

Home onwer installing Roof vent
Waterproofing Roof vent

If your roof is not in a good condition, it’s advisable of checking it out right away. There are many causes for inappropriate roofing condition like leaking vent, flashing and damaged rain gutters. A leaky roof vent might end up causing all sorts of damaging issues in your home. It can start from compromising the architectural integrity to accumulation of growing mold and mildew, if your roof vents are not waterproofed accurately, it will simply end up running the structure of your roof as well as the interiors too. Here is the process of waterproofing your roof vent for not facing any damaging issues in future. Waterproof your roof vents in such a way that it never happens to be more damaging to you!!

Waterproofing the roof vents:

  • Start the process by inspecting your roof. Before you head ahead for waterproofing your roof, it’s advisable to check that the shingles around your roof vents are in a good condition. You simply can inspect your roof, but make sure of to inspect in the direction of wind.
  • If you observe any rise of dips on the surface of the roof, make a note for the same. You should also observe and repair any of the shingles that are observed buckled or wrapped. Now, it’s time to replace the damaged shingles with the new ones. Any area ion your roof that will allow the water to run uphill and beneath the roofing shingles, are needed to be repaired before waterproofing is applied around the roof vents.
  • Make the use of caulking gun and silicon sealant for sealing up the roofing shingles which are damaged and are needed to be repaired. It’s advisable of using enough amount of sealant that confirm stand with the wrapped or buckled roofing shingles. Make sure there is no gap observed between the surface of the roof and the shingles. If you observe any gap, fill it completely because it can lead up to damaging your home interiors.
  • Flashing is among the important aspect you cannot miss installing. It is another method of waterproofing the surrounding of roof vents. Make the use of sheet metal for installing it around your roof vents.
  • Start the process by wrapping around a thin sheet of metal on the roof vents by using rivets. Once you have installed the metal sheet, it’s advisable of using enough amount of sealant surrounding the edges of the metal sheet. Don’t forget to pay proper attention to the cracks and the gaps where the roof meets with the metal sheets.
  • It’s important to spread the sealant on the entire area. Make the use of your fingers or specialized tools available for dealing with this type of stuffs. But, But, But!! Make sure you’re not using more of sealant because it might take a huge amount of time for drying the same and it’ll end up getting even in a worst situation. Well, remember one thing, applying sealant only helps in dealing with the water for not allowing it to your home interiors. So make sure to add up the final touch by cleaning the remaining sealants off the roofing surface.

Tips To Maintain Your Electric Garage Door

Electric garage door maintenance
Maintaining electric garage door

For certain people, having electric garage door is a luxury and for some it is a necessity. Apart from the fact, how you see your electric garage door, it is always very much comfortable to sit in the car just press a button and see your garage opening. This is far better than getting out of the car, opening the door manually. If you already have the electric garage door, it’s really very much comforting. If you want this com fort to last long, you need to maintain your electric garage door. Maintaining your electric garage door is not that difficult, you just need to follow some of the easy steps. For helping you maintain your electric garage door, here are some of the easy steps to follow. First of all before starting to maintain your electric garage door, let’s make a list of things you will need for it.

Things for maintaining your electric garage door

  • Mild detergent
  • Paint
  • Concentrated cleaning solution
  • Soft brush
  • Pliers and screwdrivers
  • Garage door lubricant
  • Powdered graphite

Tips to maintain your electric garage door

  • Clean your electric garage door

For maintaining your electric garage door, you need to keep it clean. For cleaning your electric garage door, you should mild detergent and also a soft brush. You should clean your electric garage door several times in a year for maintaining it. By doing so, there will not be accumulation of corrosive chemicals or dirt. Accumulation of such things will stop your electric garage door from working properly. By maintaining your garage door and cleaning it, you will also come to know if it needs any of the parts of the door needs to be treated or repaired. You should also consider painting your electric garage door inside and outside for maintaining it. This will not let the moisture get into the door and warp it. Many times because of warping there are issues in opening and closing of the door and hence make sure moisture is away from it. Paint your electric garage door every few years for making it long lasting.

  • Lubricate its parts

Electric garage door usually have chains and springs which will allow the door to move freely up and down without any effort. For maintain this parts, make use of light weighted spray oil on the hinges and springs, pivot points and rollers at least for one time in a year. This will make your door work properly and glide smoothly in up and down position. If there is any hardware which is loose then make sure to tighten them.

  • Take care of the lubricate garage door tracks

Take a clean cloth and also a concentrated but non corrosive cleaning solution. Clean up your garage door tracks and also clean up each and every exposed part of rollers. If you find any excess moisture then make sure to get rid of it also. There are also certain specifically designed lubricants for cleaning electric garage door to keep the rollers to work smoothly on the tracks.