Tips on Painting Antique Furniture

Antique furniture painting
Painting Antique furniture

Before heading ahead for painting your antique furniture, it’s advisable to value and date your furniture. This is important to know the actual value as well as the vintage effects that are offered to your furniture. It will simply help you in knowing the exact preservation period of your antique furniture.  In fact, it’s advisable to clear the difference between old and antique. There’s a clear different both of these words. It might be possible that you would be running a beautiful hence a valuable piece of furniture in your home.

Well, home owners should always remember that you’re not transferring the beauty of Chippendale or a Queen Anne before you start applying a huge layer of paint on its beauty. Here are certain basics of painting your antique furniture that you should not miss at all while performing the task.

Painting antique furniture:

  • There are different techniques that are used in the form of painting the antique furniture. Even, there are techniques that make the use of candle before the process of painting is started.
  • Well, candle is used I the form of waxing effects on the surface of the antique furniture. If you want a worn appearance or a cracked one, you can simply make the use of candle for scribbling on the furniture. You can also make your pattern randomly which you want to have on your antique furniture.
  • It will result when you’ll paint on the surface where the candle is used. The wax of the candle will not allow the paint to stick on the surface. Even, there are different styles of painting the antique furniture. Among all the styles, shabby-chic is one of the styles that is a famous term used for the purpose of restoring your antique furniture.
  • Shabby chic is the word that is used for basically to offer a shabby yet classic look to your antique furniture. It is basically a form of design that is meant for offering a beautiful, old and vintage look to the furniture.
  • As you’re planning of painting your antique furniture, there are ample of techniques that can help you in increasing the charm and the appearance of your furniture. If you’re using a paint brush for painting the surface, you can make the use of a cloth for painting the surface ahead. This offers definitely with a unique pattern and design that might increase the beauty of your wooden furniture
  • In fact it will help you in offering your wooden furniture a thinner coating as compared to that of applied with paint brush. Paint brush might leave behind a thick layer that can effect in peeling in your near future.
  • And for a shabby look, you simply need a thinner look that can see through the base of your wooden surface. Thorough coats are something that helps in making your wooden antique furniture shine for a lot. Simply you need a soft bristle brush and the correct paint for painting the surface. And here you go with shiny and beautiful antique furniture in your home.