3 amazing tips to clean your carpet

Carpet cleaning, home careIf you have a carpet in your home, then you must take proper care of the carpet and should clean it at regular intervals to prevent it from getting damaged. But then whenever you are cleaning the carpet, you must keep proper things in your mind. If the carpet is not cleaned in the proper way, then it will be detrimental for the carpet.

Read the cleaning and drying instruction of your carpet carefully to understand the ways in which you can clean it. Normally the cleaning instructions are provided at a label at the back of the carpet.

Don’t let the dust and dirt settle on the carpet for long period of time as in such case it may be difficult to clean the carpet properly. Try using a piece of cloth or a brush and slowly remove the dust by beating the carpet. Don’t use vacuum cleaners as in most cases using vacuum cleaners cause the fur of the carpet to come off. However you can keep sue the vacuum, but then keep the power level at the lowest and also be very careful while using it.

Don’t use any harsh detergent or soapy solution for cleaning the carpet. Use normal water to clean the carpet. Make sure that you dry the carpet completely from within or otherwise the furs will be damaged.