What you need to know about Surveying

home surveyLots of buyers out there commission surveyors Scotland to carry out checks on a property before they purchase it. Rather worryingly, only around 25% of people who are purchasing a property take the time to commission a survey – which means that over 70% of people out there purchasing a property are going in “blind”. The main cause of this is confusion – buyers think that because a mortgage lender has commissioned a survey, there’s no need for them to commission one too. This couldn’t be further from the truth however.

In this article we’re going to look at the different types of home surveys that exist – we’re also going to look at why each different survey is so important. If you were planning on leaving the survey up to your mortgage lender it’s time to think again – make sure you can move into your new property with total peace of mind by having a building survey completed too.

Types of home surveys

Companies like HDG surveyors Scotland offer different types of home surveys – these include:

Mortgage valuation: This is the most common type of survey that virtually all home sales will involve. The mortgage valuation survey is commissioned by a bank or mortgage lender. It’s not really a thorough survey – in fact it barely scratches the surface. The mortgage valuation survey exists so that lenders can get a good idea of how much the property is worth – obviously they want to make sure the homeowner isn’t paying well over the odds for that particular property. Although this survey is organised by the lender, it’s you that has to pay for it. If you don’t pay for the survey up front in cash, the cost will probably be added to the sum you borrow for the mortgage. A mortgage valuation survey won’t look at things like subsidence which is a problem that a lot of properties face. Often, a mortgage valuation survey can be completed without even a visit to the property itself. It’s clear therefore that mortgage valuation surveys cannot be relied on to highlight any or all of the problems that a property might be suffering from.

Homebuyer’s report: This kind of survey is a lot more detailed than a mortgage valuation survey. It does include a valuation of the property itself but it also covers things in a lot more detail. If there’s a roofing repair that’s required on the property, you can be sure that it will be included in the homebuyer’s report. Any kind of work that’s required on a property will be found in a homebuyer’s report, which is helpful because it allows prospective buyers to get a rough idea for the cost of any repair works that are required. There’s nothing worse than moving into a property to find that there’s a long list of flaws with it. By having a homebuyer’s survey completed you’ll be able to get a good idea about what, if any, problems the property has. A homebuyer’s survey gives buyers leverage – if £10,000 worth of repairs are required they can present the homebuyer’s report to the seller to back up any offers below the asking price that they may make on the property. A homebuyer’s report is carried out by a member of RICS – the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. All homebuyer’s reports follow a predetermined, industry standard syntax.

Building survey: A building survey may also be known as a full structural survey by some people. This kind of survey is a lot more detailed than a homebuyer’s report – although a building survey isn’t usually needed on the majority of properties that are purchased. Building surveys tend to be reserved for older properties or properties that have experienced some kind of structural issues in the past. A building survey may also be carried out on a property if the buyer is planning a set of major renovations to a property – by having a building survey completed it’s possible to see whether the property will cope with the proposed changes. There’s no standard layout or report format for building surveys.

New building survey: Sometimes buyers of new properties will commission a new building survey. These surveys don’t tend to be too in depth – instead they are commissioned to ascertain whether all of finishing touches have been put to a newly built property, as per the agreements with the developer. As such, a new building survey will rarely go into a lot of detail about things like the structure of the property itself. They’re mainly there to ensure that developers haven’t cut any corners during the process of building and decorating the property.

Which survey do you need?

Different properties need different types of surveys. For example a newly built property is likely to need a new building survey as well as a valuation survey. The bank or mortgage lender will arrange the valuation survey, whilst it will be your responsibility to organise the new building survey. Although you don’t organise the valuation survey you will still need to foot the bill.

If you’re looking to move into an older property, or a property that has had a lot of building work completed on it (perhaps an extension or even a loft conversion), then it’s definitely worth looking into a homebuyer’s survey – or even a building survey for the best peace of mind. If you’re planning to do a lot of work on a property once you purchase it, it’s also a good idea to have an extensive survey completed prior to moving in just to ensure that the property is in good shape.

The majority of people out there however only really need to worry about having a homebuyer’s survey completed. If the property is less than 100 years old and hasn’t had much in the way of work completed on it, there’s no reason why it should need anything more in depth than a homebuyer’s report. If this report then shows up some serious problems with the property a building survey can be commissioned to put the buyer’s mind at ease.

It’s up to you which survey you have completed – if you want to be able to rest assured that the property is all in good shape, go for the most in depth survey on offer. If you’re happy just to roll with a homebuyer’s survey which comes back all clear, that’s fine too. Don’t however be one of those people who goes ahead with the purchase of a property with only a mortgage valuation survey in place – these surveys are really only there to ascertain a rough value of the property and they are not designed to show up major issues that properties may have.

Finding surveyors Scotland

If you’re currently looking to purchase a property and you need a surveyor to give it the once over, we’re going to look at some top advice under this section to ensure that you come up trumps in your search. Remember most lenders out there will appoint a surveyor for a mortgage valuation – but if you’re looking for a building survey, a homebuyer’s report or a new building survey, you will definitely need to find a reliable surveyor yourself.

Here are five top tips to bear in mind when it comes to finding surveyors Scotland:

  • Referrals and recommendations are great: If a friend or family member moved house recently and they can recommend a reliable surveyor, why not go with their suggestion? Open any phonebook and you’ll find lots of adverts for surveyors Scotland – but how do you know who to trust, or who’s going to do a great job? The answer is that you’ll never know until you hire a certain surveyor. By going on the recommendation of a family member or friend you can avoid wasting time with a surveyor who’s not really up to the job.
  • Use online reviews: If you don’t have the recommendation of a family member or friend to work from, you can always look at online review websites when working out which surveyor to go with. It’s always good to see what previous clients have said about a surveyor before you go ahead and use them – a few minutes spent reading online reviews could save a lot of hassle later on.
  • Get multiple quotes: Whether you’re looking for the services of a surveyor, or you’re looking for home insurance – it’s important for you to get multiple quotes to ensure that you get the very best deal. The only way in which you’re guaranteed to get a great deal when buying things in life is to shop around. You will find that lots of surveyors Scotland charge varying rates – so don’t find yourself paying through the nose, get multiple quotes. Different people will tell you to get different numbers of quotes – we recommend getting at least three. Once you’ve got three quotes you can look to see what the average figure is. If the figures do vary wildly you can always get some more! The best way to ensure that you pay a fair price is to see how much other companies are charging. The final thing to remember is that at no time should you compromise the quality of the survey that you get by picking the very cheapest provider who may not be qualified to give an opinion. It’s all about paying a fair price whilst receiving a reliable opinion.
  • Check your surveyor is a member of the RICS: Before commissioning a surveyor to conduct a homebuyer’s report, you need to make sure that they are a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). If they aren’t a member of this organisation their opinion isn’t worth the paper that it’s written on. In order to become a member of the RICS individuals have to demonstrate various attributes and skills – they also have to know exactly what format homebuyer’s reports should be laid out in so that they conform with the industry standard.
  • Don’t bury your head in the sand: Let’s say you commission a homebuyer’s report, or a building survey – that survey then comes back saying that the property in question has a whole load of different issues that you will have to pay to put right. It’s important that you don’t overlook these problems due to a love of the property in question – burying your head in the sand and going ahead with the purchase anyway is not the right thing to do and it will only cost you a lot of money in the long run. What you can do if a house has a lot of problems is to get some kind of repair estimate, then use that sum to make an offer. If the cost of repairs is likely to run into a sum of around £10,000, you should take £10,000 off of your offer price. If you can back this below asking price offer up with the homebuyer’s report, there’s no reason why the seller shouldn’t be receptive to it. The only thing to bear in mind when taking on a property in the knowledge that it has flaws is that you’ll need to dedicate time and effort to hiring contractors to put those flaws right. If that’s fine with you, there’s no reason not to proceed with the purchase.

It’s clear that the world of surveying is a confusing one – but if you read and take in the advice that we’ve laid out for you in this article, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make a decision on the type of survey that you’re going to have completed.

We’ve already looked at the figures – only around 25% of buyers bother with a survey beyond the valuation report. This is obviously a huge mistake because there’s never any telling what’s wrong with a property when you scratch beneath the surface. Before you make an offer and move into a new property it’s very important to get in touch with surveyors Scotland so that you can get an expert opinion as to what kind of condition the property is in.

Refinishing Your Primitive Furniture

Refinishing your primitive furniture needs a certain tips to be followed to nicety. First of all to ensure cleanliness you have to envelope the work area with a layer of plastic sheet. You would do well to remove hardware anywhere near your primitive furniture. You should use soap water and a soft rug in the cleaning of the primitive furniture that needs to be refurnished.

You would do well to apply chemical stripper to the affected part of the wood. It is better to check for loose arms or legs of the furniture. Dowels, glue and screws can be used to perfection to repair the loose parts of the furniture. Oil finish is highly recommended in the sealing of the wood. Replacement of the old hardware will give a great look to the entire piece of furniture for sure. If done with precision, refurnishing your primitive furniture is a very good idea.

Tips for Displaying Tiara Dishes in China Cabinets

Displaying Tiara dishes in china cabinets require some skill for that matter. First of all you have to ensure that all the items in your china cabinet are removed properly. You would do well to purchase plate stands for larger dishes. Use the center of the shelves of the china cabinet for places the larger Tiara dishes.

You would do really well to organize the placement of the Tiara items in a decorative way. In short it can be said that the taller Tiara dishes can be kept at the back of the smaller Tiara items so that the entire arrangement has a touch of beauty in it. You have to take care so that the arrangement with regard to each shelf is proper. The pieces should be arranged in such a way that the color and the design match one another. Continue to arrange the pieces until you are totally satisfied.

Maximum Permissible Axial Load on Your Wood Stud Wall Framing

It is true that axial loads do vary depending upon the length of the wood stud used. Loads from horizontal direction have to be taken into consideration while determining the maximum permissible axial load. Compression force also has to be taken into the reckoning. You should know that the axial is the place that refers to the point at which the horizontal forces and the compression forces meet.

Axial load is the maximum load that the axial point may withstand. It is interesting to note that the wall can withstand a maximum force without bending or twisting and his maximum force is called axial force. Forces coming from horizontal direction are called as concentric axial loads. On the other hand the end force or the compression force is called the eccentric load. These two types of loads have to be taken into consideration in the determination of the axial loads.

Making Food Ottomans

A foot ottoman is a nice footrest that is upholstered. They can be square or rectangular in shape. To make them is easy too once you follow certain steps. Take the measurement of one of your cushions. The next step would be cut plywood as per the measurement of one of your cushions. You would do well to paint the cut board according to the background of the cushion.

You may even use varnish in the act of painting the cut board. You have to put your casters against each corner of the cut board. The casters can be attached nicely by using the hardware. The cushions are held tight to the cut board with the aid of fasteners. You would do well to arrange your floor cushions in such as way that they rest properly on the board. You may use only two cushions in case you want to make low foot ottoman.

Making Candle Holders from Jars

Making candle holders from jars is a good idea in terms of decorating your home or improving its look for that matter. You can put the left over glass in your home to good use for this purpose. First of all you have to clean the jar you would use in the making of candle holder. You would do well to paint the outside of the jar preferably with glass painting.

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Protecting Your Flooring

Construction of a house is a big achievement in one’s life. All the more important is the protection of the flooring of the home. It needs certain skill on your part to protect your flooring. You will have to concentrate more on the areas in your home that receive more traffic. Area rugs have to be used nicely in those spots. All you have to do is measure the space needed for the use of area rugs.

You would do well to purchase a rug and a rug backing. You might have several rolling chairs in your home. Hence it would be proper to use plastic floor guards at those areas. Make use of oil-based cleaning solutions to clean wood floors. The use of oil-based cleaners would ensure the fact that the wood remains clean and is protected from any further damage. Floors also should be cleaned with a mild cleanser.

Different Kinds of Recessed Shelving for Your Bedroom

Recessed shelving is an important feature in any home as far as storing various things are concerned in any room for that matter more particularly in a bedroom. The best place for you to plan the construction of recessed shelving in the bedroom is over the bed itself. It would be better to build recessed shelving for keeping books and documents. It may be called recessed bookcases.

Decorative items like flowers, antiques and other objects can be placed in the decorative shelves too above the bed. Hence it can be said that decorative shelving forms an important part of the home in entirety. Likewise children’s bedroom shelving is also not a bad idea. All the items that your child uses in the bedroom like toys, books and stationery can be stored in the children’s bedroom shelves. It is interesting to note that shelving can be done according to different sizes and shapes that suit your preference.

Tools for High End Picture Framing

High end pictures would look gorgeous in your home if the framing is done properly and nicely. In short it can be said that you need to have the real tools meant for framing high end pictures in your home. Remember you have all the freedom in the world to do it. The frame pieces can be cut quite easily with the aid of miter saws. A 12” Sliding Miter Saw can be used for the purpose.

You should make use of proper frame clamps after gluing the corners of the frame. A good looking rabbet has to be made. You may use a wood router in the making of the rabbet. Use a wall cutter while cutting glass or acrylic. Make use of the point driver to have permanent points. The picture hangers have to be nicely screwed by using cordless screwdriver. Additional use of mat cutters are recommended too in the task of high end picture framing.

Cutting Your Braided Garden Rugs

You will have to follow the following tips if you have decided to cut your braided garden rug. First of all you have to observe the size of the rug that has to be cut. Make use of scissors and seam ripper to rip the seam between the braids of the garden rug. Care has to be taken to see to it that the braids are not damaged.

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