Tips To Maintain Your Electric Garage Door

Electric garage door maintenance
Maintaining electric garage door

For certain people, having electric garage door is a luxury and for some it is a necessity. Apart from the fact, how you see your electric garage door, it is always very much comfortable to sit in the car just press a button and see your garage opening. This is far better than getting out of the car, opening the door manually. If you already have the electric garage door, it’s really very much comforting. If you want this com fort to last long, you need to maintain your electric garage door. Maintaining your electric garage door is not that difficult, you just need to follow some of the easy steps. For helping you maintain your electric garage door, here are some of the easy steps to follow. First of all before starting to maintain your electric garage door, let’s make a list of things you will need for it.

Things for maintaining your electric garage door

  • Mild detergent
  • Paint
  • Concentrated cleaning solution
  • Soft brush
  • Pliers and screwdrivers
  • Garage door lubricant
  • Powdered graphite

Tips to maintain your electric garage door

  • Clean your electric garage door

For maintaining your electric garage door, you need to keep it clean. For cleaning your electric garage door, you should mild detergent and also a soft brush. You should clean your electric garage door several times in a year for maintaining it. By doing so, there will not be accumulation of corrosive chemicals or dirt. Accumulation of such things will stop your electric garage door from working properly. By maintaining your garage door and cleaning it, you will also come to know if it needs any of the parts of the door needs to be treated or repaired. You should also consider painting your electric garage door inside and outside for maintaining it. This will not let the moisture get into the door and warp it. Many times because of warping there are issues in opening and closing of the door and hence make sure moisture is away from it. Paint your electric garage door every few years for making it long lasting.

  • Lubricate its parts

Electric garage door usually have chains and springs which will allow the door to move freely up and down without any effort. For maintain this parts, make use of light weighted spray oil on the hinges and springs, pivot points and rollers at least for one time in a year. This will make your door work properly and glide smoothly in up and down position. If there is any hardware which is loose then make sure to tighten them.

  • Take care of the lubricate garage door tracks

Take a clean cloth and also a concentrated but non corrosive cleaning solution. Clean up your garage door tracks and also clean up each and every exposed part of rollers. If you find any excess moisture then make sure to get rid of it also. There are also certain specifically designed lubricants for cleaning electric garage door to keep the rollers to work smoothly on the tracks.


Tips To Clean Mirrored Furniture

tips of cleaning mirrored furniture

Undoubtedly mirrored furniture gives amazing looks. They are just gorgeous. The reflective nature of the mirror will add a different level of glamour to your home. Application of mirrored furniture in your home will also have one added benefit of making your room look larger than it actually is. However keep this thing in mind that when you applying mirrored furniture in room, it will give reflection of colors and also light. You can use plenty of colors, patterns, looks and styles with mirrored furniture. As it is mirrored, it does not restrict the styling and designs. But one of thing which you should always be careful of is about cleaning mirrored furniture. Mirrored furniture must always look polished and clean or else it will give a dirty and untidy look to the room. Glass on the other hand gives reflective surface and also saves you from the deep cleaning work as that of mirrored surface. A combination of glass and mirror will give your space the perfect combination needed to charm up your room. However any single addition in the room which is classy and sophisticated will also be needing high level of maintenance also. Mirrored furniture will need high level of cleaning and maintenance. Any kind of spill or finger print or smudge will be very easily highlighted on the mirrored furniture. Any flaw or imperfection will be very easily seen on the mirrored surface. Here are some of the tips to clean your mirrored furniture and make it look sparkling clean and bright.

  • Ensure that you are regularly dusting your mirrored furniture having soft microfiber cloth for preventing the dust from building up and also maintain that gleaming reflection. Even the slight amount of dust on such furniture would be visible very easily and clearly and will dull the shine of your whole furniture as the mirror will by far double up the visible layer of dust.
  • Try to avoid dragging any of the items across the mirror surface as it might leave scratches and scraps on the surface. Also be careful while arranging the vases or any other heavy items on your mirror surface for gently lifting up and also placing them down.
  • Manufacturers of mirror surface also recommend keeping the staining substances like lotions, perfumes, hair dye, and alcohol away from the surface to avoid stains. But if you are having a mirrored dressing table then all of these items would be definitely there and spilled on the surface. However hard you try, there would be some or the other cosmetic product which will come in contact with the mirror and spoil it the best alternative to protect it is immediate cleaning. If you clean your mirrored furniture on the very moment when it got dirty then it will maintain its shine.
  • Ensure to make use of a non-solvent cleaner for cleaning your mirrored furniture. Gently wipe the surface with the no fiber cloth to avoid any damage to the surface.

How To Lay Your Shingles

Laying shingles

Shingles are such a thing which protects sloping roof tops from snow, hail and rain and also act as an beautiful and attractive crown for your king size house. Having a solid layer above your roofing in the form of shingles is an admirable way of avoiding leaks and water damage. But the main thing lies in laying your shingles. If laying your shingles is done in proper and efficient manner then you have can have roof out of problems and troubles for almost 20 to 40 years. Laying your shingles can be difficult and hard work but the reward you get in return in the form of watertight, attractive roof can be worth doing this difficult work of laying your shingles. Here are some of the steps which will teach you how to lay your shingles.

  • Size your shingles properly

It depends upon how you are going to organize your courses and rows. However there are some roofers who believe in cutting five different sizes of shingles when they are using basic three tab variety. Generally you will cut off one half width of the first tab for starting the first course and then you will change the necessary area to fill it with each of the row along with shifting the slots. Following cuts are generally useful for laying your shingles.

  • You can make use of a half tab off for lying off your first tab shingles.
  • You can make use of a full tab for lying off your second tab shingle.
  • You can use 1.5 tabs of for your lying off your third tab shingles.
  • You can use 2 tabs off for lying on your fourth course shingles.
  • For lying off your fifth course shingles, you can cut off half of your final tab. Try and keep intact your 6th course shingles.
  • Lay your shingles at the bottom of the roof

After you are done with getting aware with the size of the shingles, it’s now the time to lay your shingles. You need to lay your shingles very carefully and efficiently as it is an important thing. Start placing nails in the three tab shingles for about ¾ inches just above the cutouts just at the pot where the upper part of the shingles meets the tabs. While nailing your shingles, nailing will cause the next shingle to cover all the nail heads and let the subsequent and the next row of the shingles to penetrate and get hold of the top edge of the lower row of shingles. Thus it might seem to be difficult process to lay your shingles but it is equally beneficial.

  • Lay your shingles in row

When you are done with the bottom of the roof it’s now the time to lay your shingles row wise. Start with laying your shingle’s first row. Try to be perfect ad efficient while laying your shingles that too first row. Once you are done with the first row, you will know the proper process and other row will be done more properly.

Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrrorMirror is a very essential part of your bathroom. It doesn’t matter how frequently you use it or what is the size of it but selection of a correct mirror for your bathroom is very essential. Choosing the mirror of correct style, size and shape let your bathroom look large and stylish. Here are some types of mirror which you can install in your bathroom.

1)   Wall mounting, frame and cut

Wall mounting mirrors are relatively easy to install in the bathroom. Along with ease it also comparatively cheap. These types of mirrors are very simple and can be hung on the wall like a picture. Before choosing the mirror take a thought on how it will look in your frame and fittings and the color and wall of your bathroom.

If your mirror is frameless then it can be directly mounted on the wall by using some kind of adhesive. The specialty of this kind of mirror is that it can be of any size you want as it is hung on nothing which gives it a special effect. The edge of this mirrors are rounded to prevent some accidents.

2)   Fogless Mirrors

There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom mirror fogless. The most popular methods include heating up the mirror and surface treatments. Fog free surface treatments are semi permanent water repellent coatings and sprays which is applied to the front part of the mirror. This treatment is to be repeated over time and again for maintaining the similar result.  You are also available with another option where low powered heating elements can be installed on the rear surface of your bathroom mirror which is wired into the bathroom lighting. Fog is usually seen on the mirror due the temperature difference between the mirror and the surrounding air. By setting this temperature difference, the amount of fog on the mirror of your bathroom is decreased or it is completely eliminated. This mirror heating system can be expensive as it uses electricity.

3)   Illuminated Mirrors

For those who like perfect make up or shaving, illuminated mirrors are considered very beneficial as these illuminated bathroom mirrors have lights fitted on their edges. It gives a beautiful look because it provides an unconventional source of light on the ceiling. While going for an illuminated bathroom mirror, take care that the light source is evenly spread around the frame or it should come from both the sides of the mirror. This illuminated mirror will cast strange types of shadows on your face if the light is coming from one side or from top or bottom. You won’t see your face like this anywhere except for this illuminated mirror if not fitted properly. Your budget can increase as these mirrors require additional wiring.

4)   Mirror integrated into vanities

These types of mirrors are designed in such a way that it matches the vanity units. Thus if your vanity matches rest of the bathroom, your bathroom mirror will also match bathroom décor. Generally other mirrors are directly attached to the vanity units. If these mirrors are on a pivot then you can set it according to your height and to an angle which is most preferable to you. Vanity mirrors can also be illuminated, if it is so you need to aware about where it is to be plugged in.



Quick Fixes on Roofing

1)   How to repair a wet roof deck

Wet roofs are such a thing which can’t be put aside without paying attention. Just recovering a wet roof deck won’t make the issue to get away. This is because a recovered roof deck will only cause the roof to blister and that’s not enough. Apart from blistering the roof, it also it can also cause other problems which are not covered under any kind of warranty.

Here is the correct solution for recovering the wet roof deck in the most appropriate manner. First of all you have to identify all the wet areas in the roof. For doing this you should conduct any of the moisture survey out of three moisture survey. Three type of moisture survey include infrared, nuclear and capacitance. These surveys do not measure moisture. They actually measure the effect of the moisture which the roofing materials have within them.

If you are intending to get best results then go for all moisture scan as all of them offers different results. These results give the proper idea of what to do with your roof. This will inform you whether to replace it or it just need repairing work. If the moisture is found more in the roof it means you will have to expend more to get it repaired.

2)   What you need to know about flat roof coatings

Flat roofs coatings are considered to be a very advisable investment for your roof. A flat roof coating is useful for extending the life of your roof. It will in turn increase its durability. It is useful in lowering the temperature of your roof. Thus it is energy and cost saving. As there are so many types of flat roofs available in today’s time, it would be difficult to say the type of coating to be applies to your flat roof. Different coatings are required for different substrates. It is difficult for the coating to adhere with the smooth, hard and those surfaces which are chemically inert. On the other hand it is easier for the coating to adhere with the irregular, rough and those surfaces which are chemically active. A coating improves the roof if the installer has put down a base or prime coat.

3)   Keys to ensure successful rooftop PV system

The prime step to be taken for successful rooftop PV installation is to check out that the underlying roofing system is compatible with the intended system of PV or it needed to be upgraded. Choose a roofer which has the perfect knowledge about the roof as well as PV system. Here are some of the points for proper installation of roof top PV system.

  • Check out that your roof will be able to provide an additional life of 20 years.
  • Don’t forget to install an sacrificial membranes or walkways at heavy traffic locations.
  • For increasing durability, provide extra membrane layers or coatings at flashings.
  • Check out that the rooftop PV system installation is not compromising the warranty of roofing system.