Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrrorMirror is a very essential part of your bathroom. It doesn’t matter how frequently you use it or what is the size of it but selection of a correct mirror for your bathroom is very essential. Choosing the mirror of correct style, size and shape let your bathroom look large and stylish. Here are some types of mirror which you can install in your bathroom.

1)   Wall mounting, frame and cut

Wall mounting mirrors are relatively easy to install in the bathroom. Along with ease it also comparatively cheap. These types of mirrors are very simple and can be hung on the wall like a picture. Before choosing the mirror take a thought on how it will look in your frame and fittings and the color and wall of your bathroom.

If your mirror is frameless then it can be directly mounted on the wall by using some kind of adhesive. The specialty of this kind of mirror is that it can be of any size you want as it is hung on nothing which gives it a special effect. The edge of this mirrors are rounded to prevent some accidents.

2)   Fogless Mirrors

There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom mirror fogless. The most popular methods include heating up the mirror and surface treatments. Fog free surface treatments are semi permanent water repellent coatings and sprays which is applied to the front part of the mirror. This treatment is to be repeated over time and again for maintaining the similar result.  You are also available with another option where low powered heating elements can be installed on the rear surface of your bathroom mirror which is wired into the bathroom lighting. Fog is usually seen on the mirror due the temperature difference between the mirror and the surrounding air. By setting this temperature difference, the amount of fog on the mirror of your bathroom is decreased or it is completely eliminated. This mirror heating system can be expensive as it uses electricity.

3)   Illuminated Mirrors

For those who like perfect make up or shaving, illuminated mirrors are considered very beneficial as these illuminated bathroom mirrors have lights fitted on their edges. It gives a beautiful look because it provides an unconventional source of light on the ceiling. While going for an illuminated bathroom mirror, take care that the light source is evenly spread around the frame or it should come from both the sides of the mirror. This illuminated mirror will cast strange types of shadows on your face if the light is coming from one side or from top or bottom. You won’t see your face like this anywhere except for this illuminated mirror if not fitted properly. Your budget can increase as these mirrors require additional wiring.

4)   Mirror integrated into vanities

These types of mirrors are designed in such a way that it matches the vanity units. Thus if your vanity matches rest of the bathroom, your bathroom mirror will also match bathroom décor. Generally other mirrors are directly attached to the vanity units. If these mirrors are on a pivot then you can set it according to your height and to an angle which is most preferable to you. Vanity mirrors can also be illuminated, if it is so you need to aware about where it is to be plugged in.



Selecting The Perfect Shower Tiles

Shower TilesMajority of the homeowners focus on rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms, children rooms, guest rooms etc if they want to change the way their home looks. But as a homeowner you should make it a point to give equal importance to your bathroom as well. If you renovate your bathroom effectively then you can increase the value of your home considerably. In order to improve and add beauty to your bathroom you can install shower tiles. This article will put forward certain tips that will help you in selecting the perfect shower tiles.

You must consider the shower design before you select any shower tiles because you will require tiles that can be attached to the curved areas conveniently. The color scheme of your bathroom also has to be kept in mind so that shower tiles are compatible with the overall décor of your bathroom.

The tiles you select must be made out of a material that is long lasting and has different patterns and colors. This way you do not have to worry about replacing the tiles again and again. Plus the shower tiles will enhance the elegance of your bathroom. You must make sure that the shower tiles have an appropriate size otherwise they will not look good when installed in your bathroom.

If you have the creativity to mix different patterns of shower tiles together then go ahead and do that. But in case you are doubtful about mixing patterns then avoid it at all costs. The way in which you want to lay down your shower tiles (diagonal or square) will also affect your choice.

You should make it a point to take the assistance of an interior designer or a professional who has experience in the field of bathroom and shower tiles regarding which shower tiles to utilize in your bathroom.

Tips for mold-free washroom

bathroom care, bathroomHave your washroom come under the mould attack lately? Well washroom is the favorite breeding spot for mould as the place is always damp and wet. Moulds make the place look ugly and create an unhygienic atmosphere. Have a look at some tips that will help you to make the washroom free from moulds.
• Cork flooring will help to prevent the growth and breeding of moulds in the washroom.
• Increase proper circulation of air and if possible expose the washroom to proper sunlight.
• Use chlorine bleach solution to clean the affected areas. Spray the solution at those areas and let it kill the moulds and wash off with water after 10 minutes.
• Spray borax solution for additional action after bleaching.
• Try to keep the washroom as dry as possible.
• Old fixtures and faucets should be replaced when they become loose and wear out. Go for new and solid tight handles.
• Go for complete renovation if mould breeding is at optimum level.

How to keep your bathroom dry

bathroom care, bathroomA bathroom tends to starts smelling weird and damp if the moisture is not taken off and cleared out often. A damp bathroom can not only smell bad but it can also lead to the growth of several microbes, molds, and mildew. Then that would lead to allergies, skin rashes and breathing problems. So it’s always better to try and keep a bathroom as clean and dry a possible. Keep a dry mop always at hand.

After a bath, mop the floor and wipe the residual water from sinks, furniture and walls. Make sure that the shower area is dry, especially the walls around it. You should definitely invest in an exhaust fan so that you can make sure that whatever parts you have missed out can dry up faster, keeping the bathroom dry. Spray some room freshener or use potpourri to make it smell nice too.

An account on shower curtain rods

shower curtain rods, bathroom accessoriesEarlier homeowners did not have much choice when it came to shower curtain rods. However, things have changed now and if you are planning to get some shower curtain rods, you will be spoilt for choice when you go to the store. These rods are available in stunning range and you can purchase the ones that will complement the décor of your bathroom.

While choosing the shower curtain rods you will first have to decide whether you want chrome rods or brass rods. There are not only polished shower curtain rods but highly polished ones as well; you have to decide which one you want. If you want to draw undivided attention to the shower curtain rods, you can choose the chromium plated curved rods with the steel tubes. If you want to give your bathroom a high end feel, then you can opt for gold finish shower curtain rods.

Silver Mirrors For Your Bathroom

Silver mirrors for bathroom, mirrorsDecorating the bathroom forms an important part of house decoration. And when it comes to bathroom decorations, mirrors are a must. So if you are confused whether to opt for silver mirrors or not, then do not think much as the silver mirrors make the look very classy and sophisticated. Besides, there are a varied range of designs of various shapes and sizes which will completely enhance the beauty of your bathroom wall.

The very stylish Manhattan oval silver mirror has a feminine touch to it. Silver leaves cover the frame and the oval shape makes the mirror look all the more delicate. This mirror will perfectly match curtain fabric of ancient style and design. In order to go well with the silver frame cool colors must be used in the surrounding. You can buy this kind of mirror at the cost of $147 dollars. Such mirrors can be brought online as well. Mirrors having silver finish are much more durable than other ordinary ones. Though you may feel that it is expensive but it is a must to tell you that your money will not be wasted as it is of great quality.

Add life to an old bathroom with personalized shower curtains

Shower curtains are an excellent way to keep your bathroom dry and clean. Showering curtains cover up for a lot of mess that one might create while bathing. Besides providing a much needed privacy you can have these showering curtains up to refrain from water sprinkling and spreading around making the entire bathroom wet. The walls of the bathroom are kept dry if the curtains are used while showering. Besides, it provides a wonderful elegant look to your bathroom as well. Shower curtains are available in different types of materials so that you get to choose the best one in the store according to your needs. There are types based on categories like regular use, frequent used etc. because these curtains are made of different materials exclusively for bathroom purposes unlike the regular curtains we have at home.  Therefore it is important to choose them wisely and in the process make your bathroom a better one.

Liven up with bathroom with modern bathroom furniture

If you are looking to give a new stylish and sophisticated look to your bathroom then changing the bathroom furniture will help your cause. Bathroom vanity furniture gives your bathroom the desired look you want. The vanity furniture is easily available in many designs to suit all your needs. This furniture is already modeled and available in the market so that you do not need to model your own furniture, this saves time and money.

The markets are filled with modern designed vanity furniture these modern furniture’s are available in various color schemes and designs to suit your demands. You can select the design instantly from the market and install them easily in your bathroom from yourself. The vibrant designs and colors available will surprise you and will make it difficult for you to decide on the furniture you need. So buy these modern day bathroom furniture to make your bathroom look good and different from others.


Right bathroom lighting options to give it a comfy feel

The bathroom is one part of your home where you can come after a hard day and relax by losing yourself in a hot shower or bathtub. So basically a bathroom needs to feel comfortable, relaxing and elegant. The right kind of lighting is necessary for every room of the house and especially the bathroom. Not only can the right lighting change the entire ambience of the bathroom but it can actually give a complete makeover to your bathroom from a dingy corner to a brightened up space instead.

You can go for various kinds of lighting like ambient or task lighting, ceiling lights or soft mirror lights. But make sure all electrical sockets are well covered. Safety is the first thing in a bathroom after all. Also make sure your bathroom is well ventilated to allow natural light and air to come in. This would keep the bathroom fresh and clean at all times.

Effective color palate for your bathroom

Bathroom is the most vital and personal space of your home. The bathroom design should reflect your character, give a luxurious feel and set the perfect mood. Colors have a strong affect on your mood and they can inspire many emotions. So, it is very important to choose an effective color palate for your bathroom.

You must always go for colors that fill you with energy and bliss. Pastels can give your bathroom a calm and serene feel, while bright colors may be more vibrant. If you want your small bathroom to appear larger, go for lighter shades as they give a more open feel. On the other hand, the neutral shades will make your bathroom look chic and classy. You can always use white, as it reflects sophistication, strength and balance. The lighter colors like blue give a simple yet sober feel to your bathroom. Colors like yellow will reflect the energy and warmth of the shinning sunrays.