Attaching your Bathroom Magazine Rack to the Vanity


The side of the vanity should be measured. The center of the measured width should be located and the width of your magazine rack on the vanity should be measured.

Measure upwards from the bathroom flooring which should be up to minimum 12 inches. The bottom bracket rack locations should be marked which should be up to minimum 9 inches away against the bottom bar from the floor for hanging the magazines.

Holding the rack against the vanity, a level should be used across the top as well as sides to ensure that the bars are in level.

The rack brackets should be screwed into the sides of the vanity using screws and a screwdriver. If your vanity has thin-walls, it may not be able to hold the weight of the rack combined with the heavy magazines. If such is the case, using bolts, nuts as well as washers should be considered.

Installing your Corian Vanity Countertop


Check if your vanity cabinet is firmly secured to the walls and the floor. A level can be used to make sure that the cabinet top plane is in level. The new Corian vanity counter top should be placed on the cabinet and verified that no cabinet bracing part or frame is interfering with the level of the top.

The Corian top should be removed from the cabinet once you’ve checked if it fits. Construction mastic adhesive should be spread on the corner braces of the cabinets. The Corian vanity tops should be lowered on the cabinet and pressed down firmly at the adhesive locations so that the adhesive bond is spread.

A Corian color-matching tile caulk should be applied to the backside edges so as to seal all the perimeter seams. The excess caulk should be wiped using a wet fingertip along with a damp rag to make the surface smooth.

Ideas to Decorate your Girly Bathroom

Soft and Romantic

White and soft reddish colors dominate this girly bathroom, with rose-colored wallpaper on the top half portion of the wall as well as rose paint applied on the bottom half. Place a big white colored mirror above your sink and add racks for holding makeup, hair gels as well as accessories. Line all windows along with showers with white colored lace curtains and you can tie them behind using a rose tassel.

Elegant and Feminine

Use marble floors having ivory walls to give an elegant look to a feminine bathroom. You can install a sink above an ivory cabinet, you can place two small chandeliers made of crystal above. You can have crystal knobbed handles for the sink and shower as well as tub, scattering silver accents all throughout the bath and tub area. You can have frosted glass for enclosing shower and windows to retain privacy while allowing light to enter.