Shower Curtain: How To Wash It Appropriately?

Shower CurtainAs a homeowner, it is your duty to make sure that everything in your home is spotless and hygienic. You must be taking proper care of your bedroom, living room, kitchen etc. But you must also keep your bathroom clean at all times. An important component of your bathroom that should be kept clean always is the shower curtain. The bathroom has a damp environment and if the shower curtain is not dirt free then mold and mildew might form on it.

First of all, you must check the labels of the shower curtain for any particular washing instructions stated by the manufacturer. Find out whether you can use a washing machine to wash the shower curtain or not. All the equipments, ingredients and cleaning tools must be kept ready before you are going to wash the shower curtain so that you do not forget anything at the last minute.

If you are washing the curtain in a washing machine then here are the tips you must follow. Use warm water and submerge the shower curtain in that warm water. Put two towels along with the curtain so that these can rub against the curtain while it is being washed and cleaned in the washing machine. Instead of just using the detergent for cleaning the shower curtain, mix the detergent (half a cup) with baking soda (half a cup) so that the curtain can be washed thoroughly.

In order to get rid of the soap scum, mold or mildew from the shower curtain, you can mix bleach (half a cup) with the detergent (1/4th cup). When the curtain is being rinsed, utilize a mixture of water and vinegar to make the shower curtain spotless and absolutely clean.

You must hang the curtain to let it dry on its own. Avoid using a dryer to dry the shower curtain.

Tips on blind clean-up

blind clean-upBlinds are common in most of the homes today and many home owners prefer this particular window treatment than curtains. Surely blinds are more stylish, trendy and matches well with contemporary décor. Have you too got blinds for your windows? Well, that’s good but remember blinds have got their respective cleaning needs. The article here is a brief on how to clean up your window blinds effectively.

First of all, your blinds need a routine cleanup. You have to go for a regular dusting here since dust deposition for long will make your cleaning all the more rigorous. Always remember to use feather duster on blinds to ensure a scratch free dusting. Vacuum cleaners can be used for fabric blinds while faux wood or wood options can be catered with dusting spray.

Once in a while you have to take out the blinds for thorough clean up. It could be once in every month.
The cleaning ingredients needed here are a cotton glove or your old sock and white vinegar. Place the glove or sock on the hand & dip its tip into the vinegar pot. Squeeze out the excess vinegar. Then, run the vinegar soaked area along each side of your blind slats to remove the dust layer completely. Stop periodically in between to rinse off dust from the soaked glove or sock & to apply more white vinegar. Vinegar is great to clean up dirt & dust sans any kind of harsh effects on your blinds. Moreover, it’s inexpensive and would be safe for almost all blind surfaces like plastic, metal and wood. You can even use soapy water for cleaning the blinds. Many people prefer to clean their blinds in bathtubs but this a strict no for the wooden ones as too much of water is always damaging for timber.

Why are top down bottom up shades good for you

Top down bottom up blinds, blindsAlthough traditional and the usual typical windowpane blinds do help a great deal in reducing the ultra violet rays of the sun but whether you agree or do not agree the harmful rays emitted by the sun does enter from the windows even though no matter how much the customary window blinds help to protect us.

If one wants some real protection from the harmful rays of the sun then one should opt for top down bottom up shades which actually offers a lot more protection but also gives your room a stylist look and feel. The best part of these window blinds are that top down bottom up shades facilitates opening up from not only from lower to top but also from top to lower which is not the case in the conventional blinds that facilitates lifting up from the bottom to the top. Top down bottom up shades gives you more privacy than the traditional ones.

Attaching your Curtains to the Vertical Blinds


To measure the correct width of a curtain panel, you should multiply the window width by two. Cut elastic according to the window’s width. A safety pin should be connected to the elastic end on one side and to the back edge of your rod pocket. The other pin should be connected to other end of elastic end and fed through the pocket of the rod. When both the pin and elastic come out of the other side, the pin and elastic should be pinned to the rod pocket’s back edge.

A piece of hook along with a loop tape piece should be cut to match the window’s width.

The adhesive tape should be applied to the top edge of widow frame which extends to the vertical blinds. The curtain panel should be placed on a flat surface and the adhesive side of the loop tape should be pressed to the gathered rod pocket’s back end along the back side of panel where you would fix drapery hooks. Press the loop tape and the hook tape together.