How To Lay Your Shingles

Laying shingles

Shingles are such a thing which protects sloping roof tops from snow, hail and rain and also act as an beautiful and attractive crown for your king size house. Having a solid layer above your roofing in the form of shingles is an admirable way of avoiding leaks and water damage. But the main thing lies in laying your shingles. If laying your shingles is done in proper and efficient manner then you have can have roof out of problems and troubles for almost 20 to 40 years. Laying your shingles can be difficult and hard work but the reward you get in return in the form of watertight, attractive roof can be worth doing this difficult work of laying your shingles. Here are some of the steps which will teach you how to lay your shingles.

  • Size your shingles properly

It depends upon how you are going to organize your courses and rows. However there are some roofers who believe in cutting five different sizes of shingles when they are using basic three tab variety. Generally you will cut off one half width of the first tab for starting the first course and then you will change the necessary area to fill it with each of the row along with shifting the slots. Following cuts are generally useful for laying your shingles.

  • You can make use of a half tab off for lying off your first tab shingles.
  • You can make use of a full tab for lying off your second tab shingle.
  • You can use 1.5 tabs of for your lying off your third tab shingles.
  • You can use 2 tabs off for lying on your fourth course shingles.
  • For lying off your fifth course shingles, you can cut off half of your final tab. Try and keep intact your 6th course shingles.
  • Lay your shingles at the bottom of the roof

After you are done with getting aware with the size of the shingles, it’s now the time to lay your shingles. You need to lay your shingles very carefully and efficiently as it is an important thing. Start placing nails in the three tab shingles for about ¾ inches just above the cutouts just at the pot where the upper part of the shingles meets the tabs. While nailing your shingles, nailing will cause the next shingle to cover all the nail heads and let the subsequent and the next row of the shingles to penetrate and get hold of the top edge of the lower row of shingles. Thus it might seem to be difficult process to lay your shingles but it is equally beneficial.

  • Lay your shingles in row

When you are done with the bottom of the roof it’s now the time to lay your shingles row wise. Start with laying your shingle’s first row. Try to be perfect ad efficient while laying your shingles that too first row. Once you are done with the first row, you will know the proper process and other row will be done more properly.

How to Restore your Damaged Floor

restoring your damaged floorI know it is considered to be the basic problem of floor damaging. But you know what the reason of your floor damaged is. There are many reasons which can give you better idea about the damaged floor and also to restore it because replacing whole of the floor which is installed in your home is very difficult, time consuming, and expensive too. You can go for restoring your damaged floor. It is more advisable to restore your damaged floor rather than replacing the whole of it. And for a matter of just replacing some of the damaged floor parts, there is no need of replacing your whole of the floor.

Well, you answers to the questions are right over here. You can easily get accessed with the steps which you need to comply with at the time of restoring your damaged floor. Because it will be useful to you and as it is the easy process to comply with, you need not to get the whole flooring replaced.

Restoring your damaged floor

  • First and the foremost thing which every home owner must comply with are to check whether there is any missing or damaged tile or the wood part. This will give you better idea about the things which you will need at the time of restoring your damaged floor.
  • Now it is time to remove all those loosed blocks or the damaged tiles which has been placed or installed in your floor. Keep it aside in some safe place because it can hurt anyone in your home. It is more advisable to wear all the safety guards and safety measure must be complied with so that it cannot injure you and the people working with your.
  • After cleaning and taking all the damaged blocks or the damaged wood parts from the floor it is the time to level up you floors which has been installed in your home. Those parts in the floor which has been taken out must be level first with the help of the cement or the required solution which is available in the market. Restoring your damaged floor is the job which will need certain time to get accomplished with it.
  • The further step in restoring your damaged floor is to get the exact and the similar kind of materials which has been used already in your floor. It is more advisable to use such materials which are already in resemblance to the previous materials. There are many reasons which will help you it’s to maintain the finish of the floor like the previous one, less expensive, etc.
  • Now let the floor and more precisely the joints which has been restored or repaired with the damaged blocks of the floor for assume time. This will help you to get the solution dry and its fixing of newly installed blocks in the floor will be more likely to look enhanced and good in the floor. This process will take some time so it is more advisable to comply with this process on right time and with more of time like on leave from your work.

Common Roofing Problems

algae and moss on roofingWe know that everything gets decayed and damaged when its life is going to be over. Its expected age gets exhaust. Similar to that roofing is also such thing which gets damaged and its life gets exhaust at some point of time and at that time the homeowners replace or install a new roof for safeguarding their homes. But before replacing it there are many common problems which arises in roofs. Because roof is made up of such materials which gets damaged due to weather, water drainage, any other purpose. So it becomes difficult for the homeowners to maintain it. Roofing problems can emerge lot of money so it is advisable to follow the information given by the roofing contractor. The common issues relating to roofing problems are as under:

  1. Homeowner should see to it that the installation of their roof is done in a proper and ordered manner because if the roof is installed in a poor manner with less material or with less attention towards its fitting than it can be harmful for the house and it can even cause damage to the roof. It can reduce the life expectancy of the roof constructed.


  1. Due to heavy rain, wind, storm, algae or moss the roots of the roofs gets decayed and the problems of water drainage and leakages come across. It can cause molds and dents in the roof which is installed.


  1. Flashing is another important aspect which the roofing contractor has the install before placing the roofing tiles or strips on the surface, if this is not placed poorly than it can cause many problems relating to leaks and cracks. Flashing helps in the matters of cooling the house. Because of poor installing of it, the cooling effect can be fewer.


  1. The Ponding water which gets accumulated on the surface of the roof can create damage to your roof because it can create moss and algae on the shell of roof. There is possibility that your water drainage system gets dented.


  1. Ventilation must be structured because it helps the roofs to last for a long period of time. The placing of ventilation area must be structured in such a way that it keeps the roof airy and cooled. If the regular checking of ventilation is not commenced than the problems of high energy cost, shrinkage, may also lead to problem.


  1. Lack of maintenance can cause damage to the roof because after installing the main aspect which homeowners must keep in mind is to regularly check the roof. If any severe damage arises than it can be costly to handle that issue.


  1. The drainage pipes should be cleaned tidily because if the pipes are clogged than the water can pump back and accumulates on the spaces of the roof. And this water gathered can create rot and damage the surface of the roof.


  1. The normal wear and tear of roof is another issue which the homeowner has to calculate because they can also cost to the expenditure. The shingles and roofing tiles if damaged than it is needed to be changed and place another so that the remaining tiles or shingles does not gets damaged.

Good bits about bamboo flooring

bamboo flooringSince time immemorial, bamboo has been used as a building material for many applications. Therefore it is not surprising then, that architects and engineers are increasingly fascinated by the qualities of bamboo to the point of integrating it into the most modern technologies. His strength and hardness exceeds woods such as oak, which is why it is also known as stainless steel vegetable or herb. In recent years, bamboo is also being widely used in interior design, may increasingly find bamboo flooring, wall coverings, furniture, doors design, etc.

A sustainable material

The bamboo comes from a grass that grows in Asia, Central America and Africa. Let’s get crops in a period of time between 5 and 6 years unlike other timber species that require up to four times. In addition to being an herb does not need replanting, and that flows naturally each year. The rapid growth of the plant is its great strength against the wood, as the performance of a bamboo forest can be 20 times greater than that of a tree. This does not mean that the wood is also an environmentally friendly choice as controlled wood farms entail an increase of forests, keeping them healthy and developing.

Architecture and Bamboo

The strength, durability and sustainability are the three main factors that are influencing the increasing use of bamboo by architects and designers. Architects like Simon Velez, Kengo Kuma or Vo Trong Nghia are references worldwide in the use of bamboo for its innovative architecture. There are hundreds of varieties distinguishing between woody species and herbaceous. Usually grows into real forests but today have been greatly reduced by cutting the human being. We can find in the wild in China, the central and northern Andes, in areas of the Amazon, Mexico and some other Latin American countries. More and more bamboo is planted in plantations for exploitation. Although it may be profitable exploitation at four or five years some varieties may require even more than ten. Usually also be part of many gardens because it is very decorative and durable.

An Overview Of Different Kinds Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood FloorsHarwood floors have become increasingly popular among the homeowners today because these are available in so many different varieties and can be compatible with any kind of home décor whatsoever. However choosing one out of so many endless options of hardwood floors is very confusing. Thus it is essential that you get to know the different kinds of hardwood floors better so that you can select the best hardwood floor for your home. This article will give you some information about a few of the hardwood floors that are famous.

The most used hardwood floor is the white oak floor which is highly durable, harder and resilient. Usually floors made out of white oak are brown in color. But at times it also has a grayish tinge. White oak hardwood floors can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as these are exposed to moisture more often. The red oak hardwood floors generally have a reddish tinge and are stiff and dense. But the red oak floors are not that good if you compare them to the white oak floors.

Beech floors have a very consistent grain and reddish brown shade. However, these are not as durable as the red oak or white oak hardwood floors. Birch floors on the other hand are softer than the red oak floors but are very strong. Floors made out of birch have a light yellow or dark brownish crimson color.

Cherry wood is extremely soft because of which the entire floor is never made out of it. It is generally used as an ornamental or accent wood. Pinewood floors are as hard as red oak floors. But the pinewood floors are preferred over the other varieties of hardwood floors because these can resist insects efficiently. Douglas fir floors are soft and are used only in exceptional circumstances.

Know-how on tile floor cleaning

tile floor cleaningTiles are common flooring options, thanks to their wonderful finish and affordability. Tile flooring is especially common for areas with high spillage chances such as washroom or kitchen. However, some of the homeowners plan tile flooring for their entire home. In fact if you are planning a beautiful that won’t harm your budget- tiles would be perfect for your flooring. However, tiles also call for proper maintenance. The post below offers some essential tips that will help you to protect and preserve your tile flooring for years.

First of all, your tile flooring calls for regular cleaning. You have to sweep the floor everyday and vacuum at least once a week. The vacuum cleaning is necessary to suck out dust and dirt particles from the farthest corners of the floor. You must know that dirt, dust and sand really harmful for the stone tiles. Regular mopping is needed as well to ensure a complete cleaning for the floor. You can use soapy water to mop on the tile flooring. It’s better to use chamois mop or rag rather than sponge mop since the sponge option pushes off dirty water remain into the grout like, making it difficult to clean effectively. Besides, don’t forget to change water frequently as you mop. If you are cleaning the floor with soapy water, make sure to clean the residue post mopping. You can use mild acid (lemon juice) or an all-purpose nonabrasive floor cleaner to rinse of the soapy remains from the floor.

Grout cleaning is vital to maintain an elegant tile surface. It’s better if you can avoid commercial cleaners here and rather take to home-made cleaning solutions. One of the best home-made floor cleaning solution is a blend of water and baking soda which can create wonders while applied on floor stains.

Quick Fixes on Roofing

1)   How to repair a wet roof deck

Wet roofs are such a thing which can’t be put aside without paying attention. Just recovering a wet roof deck won’t make the issue to get away. This is because a recovered roof deck will only cause the roof to blister and that’s not enough. Apart from blistering the roof, it also it can also cause other problems which are not covered under any kind of warranty.

Here is the correct solution for recovering the wet roof deck in the most appropriate manner. First of all you have to identify all the wet areas in the roof. For doing this you should conduct any of the moisture survey out of three moisture survey. Three type of moisture survey include infrared, nuclear and capacitance. These surveys do not measure moisture. They actually measure the effect of the moisture which the roofing materials have within them.

If you are intending to get best results then go for all moisture scan as all of them offers different results. These results give the proper idea of what to do with your roof. This will inform you whether to replace it or it just need repairing work. If the moisture is found more in the roof it means you will have to expend more to get it repaired.

2)   What you need to know about flat roof coatings

Flat roofs coatings are considered to be a very advisable investment for your roof. A flat roof coating is useful for extending the life of your roof. It will in turn increase its durability. It is useful in lowering the temperature of your roof. Thus it is energy and cost saving. As there are so many types of flat roofs available in today’s time, it would be difficult to say the type of coating to be applies to your flat roof. Different coatings are required for different substrates. It is difficult for the coating to adhere with the smooth, hard and those surfaces which are chemically inert. On the other hand it is easier for the coating to adhere with the irregular, rough and those surfaces which are chemically active. A coating improves the roof if the installer has put down a base or prime coat.

3)   Keys to ensure successful rooftop PV system

The prime step to be taken for successful rooftop PV installation is to check out that the underlying roofing system is compatible with the intended system of PV or it needed to be upgraded. Choose a roofer which has the perfect knowledge about the roof as well as PV system. Here are some of the points for proper installation of roof top PV system.

  • Check out that your roof will be able to provide an additional life of 20 years.
  • Don’t forget to install an sacrificial membranes or walkways at heavy traffic locations.
  • For increasing durability, provide extra membrane layers or coatings at flashings.
  • Check out that the rooftop PV system installation is not compromising the warranty of roofing system.



Tips on painting concrete floors

concrete floors, floor paintingWhen you need a designer floor, its best to paint the floor. This can give you a truly mesmerizing design finish of the floor. Painting a concrete floor is not as easy as painting an interior wall or a wooden furniture. The following tips will guide you on how to paint your concrete floor:

• First step is to clean the surface. Remove any unwanted concrete finish and scrap away the carpet glue if it was laid.
• If it was painted already, remove that using a good sand paper. Just remove the thick chunks only.
• If there’s any damage to concrete, fix it.
• Apply sand paper one or two times to make the surface smooth. Then dust away all the scraps & dust.
• Choose a good floor paint, and start applying by using a roller from one corner of the room.
• Finally give a coat of floor enamel to get a satin finish to the floor.

Cost effective basement flooring option

Whenever you are getting your house remodeled it is an absolute must to get the best flooring options for your basement. Now building floors is normally a bit costly and so you would look to try the most cost effective way of making the floor. One of the best and cheapest ways of doing that is by choosing a concrete floor. Many people have the misconception that concrete floors are subject to dampness and they are very cold and unappealing but that is certainly not the case.

There are various colored concrete overlays that are available and they are really attractive with the patterns which they have. When you are getting a floor built it is important that you make sure that the floor helps to withstand mildew, mold and musty smells. Concrete floors help in doing all these and it is not very costly also. So you can completely trust them.

Flooring options for your kitchen

Selecting a perfect flooring option for your kitchen is not an easy task. So, just to make sure you get the best kitchen flooring considering a few criteria like budget, quantity of time spent in kitchen, kids’ activity around the kitchen cum dining room should be your basic concern.

Concrete kitchen flooring is the most traditional flooring option where the layering system is easy and the concrete floor doesn’t get heated up. You can add some modern decorative styles to this type of flooring option; it has got easy maintenance features also. Laminate floors are the latest kitchen flooring option where you can use abstract images on your synthetic flooring and hard plastic covers could be used to protect it from dirt and moist.

If you are a lover of retro style kitchen flooring then go for the linoleum flooring which has both the shiny and matte look and are made of natural ingredients like pine resin, powder wood and, seed oil etc. If the kitchen is your heavy duty zone then choosing non porous slate flooring would be an intelligent decision.