Cutting Your Braided Garden Rugs

You will have to follow the following tips if you have decided to cut your braided garden rug. First of all you have to observe the size of the rug that has to be cut. Make use of scissors and seam ripper to rip the seam between the braids of the garden rug. Care has to be taken to see to it that the braids are not damaged.

You would do well to cut the braid away from the seams. This is due to the fact that a seam is after all the knitting together of several strips of fabric. Finally cut across the braid too. You will have to use a needle and thread to sew the ends of the braid. Care as to be taken to ensure that the braid is sewed properly. You would do well to check the size of the rug. All you have to do is adjust the size of the rug as according to your need.

Binding Carpet Remnant Ends

Binding the remnant ends of the carpet rug on the floor of your house is a nice idea to keep the house neat. First of all you have to do is cut the loose threads of the carpet remnant with scissors. Use glue to bind the ends of the carpet remnant that are cut properly. You would do well to allow the glue to sufficiently dry.

The method suggested above would suit the carpets that are used in areas where upon you don’t find lot of people walking. The method suggested above would safeguard an inexpensive and an affordable carpet. This is so because as the time goes on a few more threads in the carpet may get loosened. The process has to be repeated in case you find some more threads of the carpet get loosened. Hot glue can be used in the process. Every time you have to allow the glue to dry properly.

Recognize the Quality of Persian Rugs

It is easy to tell whether a particular Persian rug is good in its make. Ensure whether the rug is hand-made. The seller would do well to enlighten you on the history of the rug. The pattern across the rug should be studied well by you. Look for symmetrical pattern in the rugs.

Ensure that you look rightly into the label on the rug before purchasing it. The label will have details regarding the country of its making. This is because of the fact that Persian rugs are nicely made only in Iran. In other words it can be said that quality Persian rugs are made in Iran. Of late it is true that the art of rug making has entered other countries like Pakistan, India and China too. Finally the material with which the Persian rug is made has to be checked. The weave also has to be thoroughly checked.

Hanging the Cordless Pleated Shades


Keep the shade above the window frame and mark the window frame top 4 to 5 inches on the inner side along the length of the end of the pleated shades. This is the location where you keep the brackets. Mark the location of support brackets spacing it halfway between the brackets used for mounting. The mounting bracket should be held in position and holes should be drilled into the window frame. The mounting brackets should be attached using screws.

The head rail connected to the cellular shade should be inserted into mounting brackets keeping an angle. As you make them straight, they lock into position. Pull the shade downwards so that it covers the window.

The hold-down brackets should be connected to both sides of the shade. Hold the brackets in place above the window sill where you want to install them. Disconnect mounting brackets from the pleated shade and connect them to the windowsill.