Tips on Painting Antique Furniture

Antique furniture painting
Painting Antique furniture

Before heading ahead for painting your antique furniture, it’s advisable to value and date your furniture. This is important to know the actual value as well as the vintage effects that are offered to your furniture. It will simply help you in knowing the exact preservation period of your antique furniture.  In fact, it’s advisable to clear the difference between old and antique. There’s a clear different both of these words. It might be possible that you would be running a beautiful hence a valuable piece of furniture in your home.

Well, home owners should always remember that you’re not transferring the beauty of Chippendale or a Queen Anne before you start applying a huge layer of paint on its beauty. Here are certain basics of painting your antique furniture that you should not miss at all while performing the task.

Painting antique furniture:

  • There are different techniques that are used in the form of painting the antique furniture. Even, there are techniques that make the use of candle before the process of painting is started.
  • Well, candle is used I the form of waxing effects on the surface of the antique furniture. If you want a worn appearance or a cracked one, you can simply make the use of candle for scribbling on the furniture. You can also make your pattern randomly which you want to have on your antique furniture.
  • It will result when you’ll paint on the surface where the candle is used. The wax of the candle will not allow the paint to stick on the surface. Even, there are different styles of painting the antique furniture. Among all the styles, shabby-chic is one of the styles that is a famous term used for the purpose of restoring your antique furniture.
  • Shabby chic is the word that is used for basically to offer a shabby yet classic look to your antique furniture. It is basically a form of design that is meant for offering a beautiful, old and vintage look to the furniture.
  • As you’re planning of painting your antique furniture, there are ample of techniques that can help you in increasing the charm and the appearance of your furniture. If you’re using a paint brush for painting the surface, you can make the use of a cloth for painting the surface ahead. This offers definitely with a unique pattern and design that might increase the beauty of your wooden furniture
  • In fact it will help you in offering your wooden furniture a thinner coating as compared to that of applied with paint brush. Paint brush might leave behind a thick layer that can effect in peeling in your near future.
  • And for a shabby look, you simply need a thinner look that can see through the base of your wooden surface. Thorough coats are something that helps in making your wooden antique furniture shine for a lot. Simply you need a soft bristle brush and the correct paint for painting the surface. And here you go with shiny and beautiful antique furniture in your home.

Install French Bifold Doors for your Home

French bifold door image
Constructed French bifold door

French bifold doors are used in the form of pivot pins for the movements that are present at the inner side of their bottom and top edges. It is among the typical feature found in most of the French bifold doors along with the sliding track that is usually observed on the top surface of the door. Most of the time, French bifold doors are installed for closet or are commonly used as the folding doors between the closely situated rooms. French bifold doors are hinged and inserted by using pins and then mounted on the door track. If you’re thinking that installing the French bifold doors is not a demanding task than you’re wrong. It’s not a demanding task but it does need certain amount of attention while installing it. And for starters, you might need to pay more attentions and should be very careful while taking proper measurement because basically French doors swings to the inner side, towards the interiors of your home. So it’s advisable of allocating proper space for your French door to close and open freely. Similar to that, it’s also important to be cautious while measuring the length and width of the opening where the French bifold door is to be installed. It’s advisable of leaving some space back for further changes.

French bifold door installation:

  • Start by marking with a pencil that which side your door should be opened. And which side should be used for installing the external knobs of the door.
  • Make the use of hinges and fasten them on the door by screwing them properly. For screwing the hinges of the door, make the use of pencil for marking the positioning of the door. Mark it about eight inches from the top to the middle section of the door and from the bottom say for 12 inches to its middle section.
  • Connect the hinges to the respective positions marked by the pencil and point it up towards the market lines. Fasten the pivot plates to the bottom and the top door. Make the use of a drilling machine for screwing it well on its place.
  • Now attach the locking arms of the door. These are offered as any part of the commercial production door kit. It’s advisable of ensuring that the locking arms of the door should open to the rear side of the door.
  • Now, set up the French bifold door’s tracks on the door frames installed. Start screwing the top section of the door tracks into the door frame. But wait for some while before you’re installing the bottom section of the door.
  • Now, it’s the right time for hanging the door. Just slide up the pins into the pivot plates installed along with the top end of the French door. Secure the pivot plate by twisting them to its locking configuration.
  • Now, secure the bottom section by screwing the door into its pivot plates. It’s advisable of double checking the fixation into the door frame for better adjustments.

Ways of Repurposing your Old Furniture at your Home

Ways of Repurposing your Old Furniture at your HomeGetting your old furniture to be dressed like the new one in different and creative ways is considered to be one of the unique styles which the home owners must definitely go for because it will be called to be repurposing your old furniture at your home. I know there are certain things which are considered to be closer to our heart and we don’t want to lose that too right? But because of its life or the damaging effects we need to go for that. But now it can be totally avoided with the help of repurposing your old furniture at your home. Well, in simple words we can call it as the process of recycling our old furniture in such a way that it gets to be one of the best pieces of art at our home.

This article will help you in getting and provide you with the things or ways which can help you in going for repurposing your old furniture at your home. Not only that, you can also give the twist to it which can be considered to be showing of your talent regarding art and your choice which you want to go for at your home. Getting the funky look in to your home with the help of repurposing your old furniture at your home will guide you in getting one of the best results which you wanted to have at your home.

Ways of repurposing your old furniture at your home

  • Furniture is considered to be important parts of our home which we need to take better care because it will help you in the matters of increasing the look of your home. Well, there are many different types of ways of repurposing your old furniture at your home which you can go for trying up at your home.
  • Repurposing your old furniture at your home is considered to be a better option because it will not only save up your money but will also help you in getting best out of the waste which you were going to throw away.
  • Pinball wizard is considered to be one option which you can go for trying up and giving an interesting look to your home. at some point of time if you feel bored about it than you can definitely go for trying up something interesting which can result you in getting one of the most beautiful piece of furniture at your home which can help you in increasing the look of your home.
  • Not only that, those unwanted slags of wood which you are no more going to take in to account must be used in the form of eating table of small table at your home where by you can do many of the things which are considered to be looking pretty once you install it in your home.
  • You can also go for adding up your taste and color, and decorate it the way you want to make it look in your home. Make different patterns; add textures and palettes which are exactly your need which you want to have at your home.

Ways of Taking care of your Wooden Dining Table

Ways of Taking care of your Wooden Dining TableWe all know that kitchen is considered to be the important part of your home but amongst them the most important thing which you must not forget to go with is the wooden dining table which is installed in your home. I know it feels dirty enough when we see any type of spot which is not going off from your dining table right? For this you need to take a proper care of your dining table. As the time passes the things which are installed in your home becomes fatigue, so it is considered to be important to go for its care so that it does not results in to getting fatigue. Well, there are many ways which can help you in the matters of going for taking care of your wooden dining table which is installed in your home. I would rather say that, it is not considered to be important to care of your old or the new table, but taking care of your wooden dining table at your home whether it is old or new is considered to be the one of the home owners which they must comply with in their home.

So it is considered to be important of taking care of your wooden dining table which you are having in your home. Well, there are many ways which can help you in the process and also provide you with the tips of taking care of your wooden dining table at your home which you can go for like cleaning and dusting it often, cleaning up the irritating spots with the help of mayonnaise, polishing it, etc. and many other things which can assist you in going for taking care of your wooden dining table like a pro.

The first thing which the home owners must not forget to go for is removing and dusting off the dust which you observe up ion your dining table. Many times the dust becomes the reason of getting your dining table to be fatigue, so it is considered to be important for cleaning your dining table on a regular basis. I know those small and minute particles of dust are harmless but it can build up more and can lead to the effects of giving scratches on your dining table. Not only that but you can go for taking the help of the micro fiber cloth which is easily available in the market which is considered to be helpful in removing up all the dust which you observe on your dining table while taking care of your wooden dining table.

If you find any of the irritating spots in the table than you can take the help of mayonnaise and you can get rid of it. Yes, you heard it right. As we know that mayonnaise is considered to be sticky substance os it is applied on the spots and the result is in front of you. You will get clean and clearer wooden dining table which is installed in your home. not only that but other ways which can help you in the matters of going for taking care of your wooden dining table at your home is to go for checking up the humid weather and avoiding your table to be getting in touch with the humid.

Keeping your wooden cupboard moist free

wooden cupboard, furnitureIn every house storage is a natural activity for various purposes, for this reason cupboard is a part of our rooms for storing our clothes and other required items. Therefore, one should keep its cupboard moisture free. When humidity rises, water saturation of wood even rises. If you have a wooden cupboard you would definitely want it to be in a tip top condition for as long as possible. As wood easily absorbs the moisture, you need to provide special care to it.
Here are certain tips to keep your cupboard moist free:
• Avoid keeping damp clothes in the cupboard.
• To fight against the moisture, silica sachets should be kept in the cupboard.
• Sprinkling few cloves through your clothes and using neem leaves are other ways to keep the cupboard free from moisture.
• Keep your cupboard absolutely dry; do not let water to creep into your cupboard as this might swell the portions of your wooden cupboard.

How to rearrange your attic furniture?

attic furnitureIf the attic furniture in your home is kept in the same place for a long period of time, it will impart a sort of monotonous look to the appearance of your home. In such cases people start thinking of replacing the old attic with new ones. But if you are running short of funds you can also change the monotonous appearance of your house simply by rearranging the attic furniture.

Change the position of the furniture in your home. For example you can simply shift the position of the sofa set and the centre table to give your drawing room a new look.

You have to rearrange the furniture in such way so that the utility and the productivity of the furniture are in no way hampered. You can take the help some expert personnel or interior designer as well to receive suggestions about where to shift which furniture.


Driftwood style furniture

Driftwood style furniture, furnitureDriftwood style furniture is one of the smartest investments if you are planning for something distinct in your home. Driftwood is mostly preferred given its amazing capacity to bring calmness in home creating a relaxed and inviting feel as you return to your place after a long tiring day.

You will get a variety of furniture from driftwood that you use all through your homes. These include different types of tables, lamb bases, mirrors as well as cabinets. The driftwood furniture would be specifically perfect for the vintage style homes given that driftwood brings along a unique rustic feel. Many people prefer to use driftwood furniture to decorate their porch spaces.

Besides, you can also use driftwood for your beach-styled home. Driftwood furniture would be easily available from internet only. However, it’s to mention that given the tedious system of processing the wood, the driftwood furniture could be pretty expensive.

Polishing your hard wood furniture

Hardwood furniture, furnitureHaving hardwood furniture in your hone can be an excellent idea as a lot of character can be added to the décor of the room by just the sheer presence of the hardwood furniture. They are available in a number of different styles and textures and therefore a design that would be able to compliment the rest of the room is also not very hard to find.

However, it is very u\important that they are well taken care of and maintained. It is very important that you keep your hardwood furniture clean. The cleaning material that you choose will play a very important role in determining how long the luster and the shine of the furniture will last. If you choose a chemical that is too harsh, the surface of the furniture may be damaged beyond repair. Vinegar and lemon extracts are very effective when it comes to cleaning hardwood furniture.

Stainless steel furniture for your bedroom

bedroom furniture, steel furnitureTo decorate and keep the bedroom in the best possible way is a dream of one and all. However, getting time to model and thereafter remodel every time is not a child’s play. Hence, the need for a thing that will require less time for, maintaining a good bedroom is enormous. Stainless steel is a workable option for all the busy people who want to see their bedroom always in a good state, aesthetically.

You should first and foremost make a list of items and accessories that you would want to be present at your bedroom. Believe it or not, the list of item varies from person to person, time and again. A doctor’s house will naturally not be the same as that of a writer’s house and the accessories you would want at the age of 21 will differ from that of 31 years, right? It is quite apt to use stainless steel as they cost comparatively less and are easy to clean.

Patio furniture maintenance tips

patio furniture , furniture maintenanceA lot of people think that taking care of patio furniture is difficult. However, the truth is though patio furniture requites extra care because they are always kept outdoors there is actually nothing difficult about it. Here are some tips that will help you. First, you should clean your patio furniture daily using a soft brush or a piece of nylon cloth. Keeping dirt from buildings goes a long way in maintaining the appearance of the patio furniture.

Second, if the furniture has stubborn dirt on it, you have to clean it thoroughly. For this purpose you can use a pressure washer. Once the furniture is cleaned you will have to let in dry thoroughly in the sun. Most patio furniture is made with wood and requires indoor storage if you want to maintain their beauty for a very long time. If your patio furniture is made with aluminum you can use powder coats to give the harsh weather elements from affected it.