Making Your Dresser Appear Like a Toolbox

It is a great idea to make your dresser look like a toolbox. It can be done provided you adhere to some simple steps. First of all you have to use a mild soap to clean the dresser. Resort to the process of sanding to clean the outside of the dresser. Hence the dresser can be well prepared for painting. You would do well to choose two paint colors.

The outside of the dresser may be painted by using the brighter color. Red or yellow may be used for this purpose. The use of roller or paint brush is highly recommended in the painting process. The faces of the dresser may also be accordingly painted. You will have to complete the process of the installation of the chrome handle hardware. Handles bearing the chrome color or decorative knobs would add glitter to the making. The entire process is easy and simple for that matter.

Protecting the Teak Outdoors

Teaks outdoors are expensive and hence you should take all care to protect them sufficiently from termites, rain and wind. Surface discoloration should be carefully removed by the process of sanding. Before the application of teak oil, all you have to do is clean the teak properly. Apply semi-annual coats of teak oil.

Teak oil is very useful in temporarily sealing the wood grain if used with precision. It would advisable on your part to store the teak furniture in your shed or in your garage during the colder months. This is because of the fact that moisture can lessen the life of the teak in the furniture. Hence it is always possible to increase the life of the teak in your furniture if you are careful in taking a few steps towards protecting the teak. This is all the more important because teak is expensive and it needs precision to ensure its safety.

Hanging Your Homemade Wall Spice Racks

You need to be careful and skillful while hanging your homemade wall spice racks. It can be said that a wall-mounted spice rack is a nice idea in your home. You would first of all have to find out the possibility of interference from the studs behind the wall before the installation of the spice racks. You can then position the spice rack on the wall. The rack has to be leveled in place with the help of the carpenter’s pencil.

You would do well to make use of an electric drill to create holes in the wall. A molly bolt has to be inserted into one of these holes. You should screw the molly bolt clockwise. Ensure that the barrel remains stationary in the wall. Now the molly bolt has to be unscrewed anti-clockwise. Molly bolts should be inserted into the mounting holes of the spice racks so that they are held tight.

Painting the Wenge Wood


Sand the Wenge wood surface, in the direction of the grain until you get a smooth surface. Fill all pits and pores using wood putty, to create a smooth surface allowing the putty for becoming dry. Sand the putty so that the surface becomes smooth.

Apply a coating of wood sealant on the total surface of the wood. This helps in preventing the seeping of paint in the wood grain. The sealant is allowed to become dry before moving to next step.

Paint the wood with a layer of primer if you desire to obscure the patterns of grain on the wood fully. The primer is allowed to become dry. Another layer of primer should be added if you find that the grain is still showing. The primer is allowed to become fully dry before you move on to the next step. Paint the wood using the desired paint color.