5 Vanity Décor Ideas For Your Home

Vanity Décor IdeasA luxurious interior is sure to make one’s mood positive. If you want to decorate the interior yourself then at first you will have to make a plan. You will have to note down the measurements of the rooms you’ll be decorating. If you don’t note the measurements of your rooms then it is likely that you’ll buy furniture which will not fit or will make your room too crowded. The next thing you’ll have to do is set your budget. You can look for interior decorating ideas on interior design magazines. You will also find interior decorating ideas online. You can cut out pictures of furnishings you like or collect pieces of fabric to get an idea of how your interior might look with those objects in them. After that you’ll have to choose the colour of the walls of rooms. You should keep it in mind that the colour you’ll be choosing should be able to complement the furnishings and other interior decoration objects of a particular room. Putting artworks in a room increases its elegance. You should keep it in mind that the lighting of a room influences the mood.

Below are a few interior decoration ideas which you should consider applying:

• You should consider putting furniture in your room which will not appear out of date after a few years. You can choose classic furniture for your home because they are unlikely to lose their charm even after a decade.

• While choosing seating furniture, you can go for antique or vintage styled ones. The seating furniture you’ll be choosing should be comfortable. You’ll be able to find casual antique furniture available on the market.

• You should consider buying individual pieces of furniture rather than buying a furniture set. You should select only those furniture which reflect your taste. You should not put a single chair on a particular corner of a room. Someone sitting on a chair in a corner might feel isolated so it should be strictly avoided.

• You should place antique items in your room in such a way that there is virtually no chance of them getting harmed in any way. Placing a few antique objects in a room increases its elegance.

• You should change your lampshades and the pillows often. Changing the pillows after a few days will give your room a refreshing effect. You should choose table lamps and other lighting systems in such a way that they complement each other and increases the overall beauty of your room.

If you decorate the interior of your home keeping the aforementioned points in mind then you’ll be able to create an interior having a luxurious ambiance. You can also hire a professional interior designer. You might have to spend a lot to hire a good interior designer but you will not regret it afterwards. A good interior designer by taking a quick look into your home’s interior will be able to tell the best ideas for decorating it. A good interior designer is likely to have a vast knowledge regarding latest home décor trends. An interior designer listens to you and then gives you suggestions based on what you want and what’s best for your home’s interior.

The Tree With Hooks

Tree With HooksBathroom is considered to be the most private room in your home. Therefore the décor used in your bathroom should be equally fun and attractive. You can take the help of the internet, décor books and magazines in relation to bathroom décor ideas. Your interior designer can also assist you in decorating your bathroom beautifully.

Those of you who love nature will surely try to add the elements of nature such as plants and flowers inside your bathroom. But it might happen that the real plants and flowers don’t survive inside your bathroom. Therefore the smart move on your part would be to paint stuffs related to nature on your bathroom walls.
For instance, you can go ahead and paint a tree on your bathroom wall because a tree will be a unique addition to your bathroom. After the tree has been painted, you can go ahead and add hooks on the wall so that they appear to be the branches of the tree you have painted.

The most interesting thing about painting a tree on your bathroom wall is that you have the option of choosing Christmas tree, coconut tree and so on. In this way, you can add variety to your bathroom wall and create a theme in relation to the tree that has been painted. Along with the tree, you can get birds and nests painted on the tree so that it appears even more eye-catching.
Plus nowadays, hooks that resemble the branches of a tree are available in the market in different sizes and shapes. So you can just paint the main outline of the tree on your bathroom wall and install such hooks in your bathroom to give a realistic look to the tree painted on the wall.

The tree with hooks in your bathroom will not only enhance the overall look of your bathroom but it will also serve a useful purpose. You will actually get the opportunity of hanging towels and other necessary things on the hooks that are added on the tree.

Manufacturers have actually come out with hooks that are designed in the form of trees. So you have the option of buying them as well instead of painting a tree and then buying separate hooks. However, your bathroom would appear more attractive if a tree is painted and then hooks are installed because this would reflect more creativity and hard work on your part.

What are the right shades for your bedroom?

shades for bedroomAre you planning to refurbish your bedroom off late and looking for the right color palette? Well, a bedroom easily allows to explore a number of options when it comes to colors – hence you a versatile selection here to pick from as per the theme of your bedroom décor. The post below extends a brief on the right color complimenting your bedroom.


This is the most sought-after option when it comes to bedrooms and its eternal aura never allows it to go old. Blue is characterized by coolness and tranquility both of which are ideal to get the desired relaxed feel inside the bedroom. Besides, blue has this rare ability to match up with any theme of décor, be it vintage or trendy or nautical.


Ivory is a wonderful choice when you have a small bedroom. The smaller spaces need lighter shades to create a better spacious feel inside and ivory would be an amazing option here. If you think an all-ivory room is too stark, add on a splash of red on one of the walls to create a smart contrast. Get the red color on wall with the bed in front to come up with a bright focal point inside.


Don’t forget the green here. Mint green is the most loved color when it comes to bedrooms. Akin to blue, mint green carries a certain degree of coolness which is always as you lay down on the bed after a long tiring day.


Pink is another good option in regards to bedrooms, specifically if its for your little princess or the teen queen. The shade is simply lovely with a balanced lightness of white mixed with the warmth of crimson. If you are looking for a shade that would be neither too dark nor too light, vote for pink.

Making the kids love their room

Kids can be really grumpy and choosy about what they want and what they do not want. It is important to design the kid’s room sitting with them and keeping their likes, dislikes and suggestions in mind. If that doesn’t happen they will not be really happy with their own room and therefore spend most of their time in your room (parents’ room). At night especially they will sneak out of their own room and cuddle on your bed instead. Designing a kid’s room can be a difficult and challenging task keeping in mind two main factors- number one, the kid’s choice, and number two, your budgetary conditions. Since it is the children’s room it should have a very warm and welcoming feeling and it should look peppy, bright, attractive and inviting.

Bright coloured paints like blue, yellow, orange, and pink (for girls) should be used. The wallpaper if you plan to put it can have the photos of the child’s favourite cartoon character say Tom and Jerry. After the colours are looked after then is the time for the furnishing. The furniture in a kid’s room should necessarily be- a kid’s bed. This should not be too small as the kid is still growing and investing in a good bed seems like a good option. A cabinet for putting his/her clothes and books. A nightstand or bedside table to add style in the kid’s room and a dresser in case there is a requirement for storage of extra clothes and a study table.

After furnishing is looked after completely it is important to decide the right kind of upholstery for going with it. This is the area where you take your child’s suggestions into consideration and therefore take the colour and design of his/ her choice. Bed covers, cushions, and bed sheets should be of the Childs choice.

Tips to clean glass tiles

clean glass tilesHaving glass tiles in your house is a great benefit because they are non porous which in turn does not let any kind of dirt or stain to stay in them. They are available in so many designs and colors and they look good in any room. There are times when they also need cleaning and many people think that it is a tedious job to clean glass tiles but in reality it is not difficult at all. Some of the tips that might help you to clean glass tiles are as follows:

• The first thing that you will need to clean the tiles is water and vinegar. You will have to mix them in equal proportions in a spray bottle. Wait for some time to get the water and vinegar mix well.

• After that you can spray the solution over the tiles that are dirty and you have to let the solution settle down for a while.

• Once the solution settles on the surface it removes the stains. You will just need a brush to clean the surface now. You can use any old toothbrush and slowly rub the stains away from the surface. The only thing that you need to make sure is the brush should not be too hard; otherwise there might be stains on the glass.

• When this is done you can clean the tiles with fresh water again and after that you need to wipe it with a dry cloth. While wiping the water away you should see that there should not be any drops of water left because in that case there would be water streaks and that would not look good on the glass tiles. So you just need to be a bit careful while cleaning and the rest will automatically fall into place.

Use white for linen for a softer appeal

Home decor ideas, home decorFabrics are the soul of a home décor. No matter how beautiful a theme is to a home it is incomplete without the proper fabric. The fabrics here signify all the things made of cloth used to decorate the home. It can be carpets, rugs, bed sheets, cushion covers, pillow cases, curtains, blinds, table top covers and shower curtains.
In order to go for a soft appeal to your home that radiates tranquility go forth with the color white. If not absolutely suitable try lighter shades of white and light colors.

White linen on your bed gives the sense of cleanliness and peace to your home. Even usage of white in fabrics amplify the spaciousness of the room, brighten it up with the reflection of light and also gives an air of calmness that is not easily associated to any other color. When going for the Tuscan theme for decorating your home white is an all time classic.

Vintage décor for your curtains

Vintage décor for your curtainsAre you aligned towards vintage decor? You add a spice of vintage décor to the interior of your house by adding vintage décor to the curtains of your home. While selecting curtains you have to keep the vintage design patterns in your mind. In earlier times the curtains used to be heavily and intricately designed. Sometimes even the embroidery used to be done with expensive threads.

So while selecting the curtains go for heavily designed. Also keep in mind that the color of the curtain that you are choosing should go well with the interior of your room. The cutting and stitching of the curtains should also be in compliance with the vintage style. The plaited curtains used to be much in demand in those days. So instruct your tailor to stitch the curtains in the same way as the ones used by the kings and he emperors in the earlier days.

How to decorate your guest room

Home decor ideas, guest room decorGuest rooms are considered to be very important nowadays because everyone likes it if people visit their homes and spend a day or two with them. When you are decorating your guest room, see to it that the room is welcoming and the person who stays in the room feels comfortable.

Use bright and cheerful colors in the room. Decorate it with paintings, wall hangings, wall posters, different kinds of lights, fresh flowers in beautiful vases etc. You can design the guest room based on a particular theme. Only use furniture which will be helpful for the guest who will be spending the night in the room.

You can add a decorative mirror the room. There can also be a television and radio provided for the entertainment of the guest. In order to provide storage space for the guest, nice spacious closets and dressers should be there in the room. No matter what you do, ensure the room is relaxing and attractive.

Tips to consider before you hire a professional interior designer

interior designerIf you are looking for an interior designer, here are five tips which might help you:

  • Ask friends and family if they know any designer. Recommendations will lead you to the right person.
  • Plan a rough idea for your house; don’t let the interior designer decide everything. Write your favorite colors and their combinations down.
  • Check the designer’s portfolio for an idea of his/her work standard.
  • Chalk out your budget and ask the designer for quotations. There fee can be very high so plan and step ahead. You can also compare the prices quoted by various designers.
  • Make a list of designers you have liked and talk to them about your idea. Select the one whose approach to your idea seems most interesting.

Hiring the right designer will save you time and energy. A good designer’s work will make your house look stylish and classy.

Add a jungle look to your child’s bedroom with decor accessories

Decorate kid's room, kid's roomIf you are worried how to decorate your child’s bedroom, then there are many options that you can select from. Well, you should keep in mind that whatever theme or design pattern you take up for your child’s bedroom, it should be attractive for him. You can take stories from fairy tales, cartoons, etc for the purpose.

The jungle theme can also be a very wise option for the decoration of your child’s bedroom. You can paint the walls with shades depicting jungle look and stories from the jungle book. There are various available as well in the market that will match the jungle theme and will portrait an even more realistic look to the bedroom.

You can use wall toys of various animals to decorate the room and a little bit of spice to the jungle look of your child’s bedroom. A few hangings in the form of big trees or leaves can also be put up in and around the bed to give him a real feel of living in a jungle environment.