5 Tips On Creating a Modern Kitchen

Modern KitchenYour kitchen is certainly one of the most significant areas of your home and the sanctuary of your treasured culinary expeditions. Its no wonder that when it comes to home remodeling, many homeowners start with the kitchen. Are you about to remodel your kitchen soon and looking for ideas? Or, are you planning to sell your home in near future and looking to attract buyers with modern day trends?  Whatever the reason may be for your kitchen remodeling, a modern outlook is always welcome. Now follow these steps to ensure a modern looking kitchen that will “wow” any visitors

1. Get a fresh paint

Nothing says “fresh” so aptly than a new coat of paint. White is the new “in” when it comes to kitchen colors assuring a very urbane feel. However, if painting all the walls is beyond your budget, you can re-paint the focal area. It could the wall portion behind your actual cooking zone where you can have the contemporary accent painting- in yellow or red or tangerine. Don’t use blue as the color is considered as hunger suppressant.

2. Stone countertops

Your kitchen countertop is one of the major aspects of your kitchen and a modern re-do here will certainly up the glam quotient of the room. The stone countertops are a hot favorite courtesy their plush classy quotient. Granite is the top favorite both for the trendy interior designers and homeowners. A black granite countertop speaks elegance at its best and its long-lasting durability assures a smart investment. Next to granite you have the marble countertops which are also a desired option for modern kitchen.

3. Glass cabinet door

Glass is the maxim of contemporary décor and hence a must have for your 21st century urbane culinary space. It’s advised that you replace the existing cabinet doors with fine glass options to create the trendy feel. The very presence of glass will create a neat sleek aura in your kitchen, in perfect tune with the streamlined theme of modern style.

4. Incorporate island

A modern kitchen is simply incomplete sans an island. These central units are meant to be remarkably functional & you can get yours custom built as per your specific needs. For example, if you are into great deal of cooking, get an island with in-built chopping board or sink.

5. Modern fixtures & appliances

The modern kitchen improvement sector is bustling with a huge bunch of interesting fixtures today one of which is high-arc or gooseneck faucets. Some of them turn off on a single touch on the handle or spout. Interestingly, some of the gooseneck faucets are also accompanied by handy soap dispensers. You will find other beautifully designed modern faucets to choose from as well. Then, as the modern trend is getting increasingly electric your 21st century kitchen won’t be complete if you cannot involve the modern electrical facilities here. So, if possible get a new fridge. A microwave oven with convection mode is another welcome addition. Then, of course, you have the induction cooktop which assures 60% energy savings.

Best Ways Of Keeping Your Kitchen Cabinets Clean

Kitchen Cabinets CleanKitchen cabinets are a very essential part of any kitchen. These help store ingredients, utensils and appliances. It is important that kitchen cabinets are clean always so that your kitchen looks spotless and well-organized all the time. This article will list down the best ways of keeping your kitchen cabinets clean.

First of all if anything spills inside the cabinets, clean it then and there so that later on you do not have to use harsh chemicals that will actually damage the look of your kitchen cabinets. You should at least clean the kitchen cabinets once every week so that the grease that gathers throughout the week on the cabinets can be removed.

You can use a good cabinet restorer as this will ensure that your kitchen cabinets remain clean at all times. Every month you can take out all the contents of the cabinets and clean it thoroughly. Ensure that you clean the contents as well.

Recycled glass counter tops for your kitchen

glass counter tops, kitchen counter topsPerhaps one of the rare combinations of durability, beauty as well as eco friendly is what one has to say to define the new age kitchen countertops that are made of recycled glass. Apart from being green and eco-friendly, they add to the beauty and uniqueness of your house and are durable and safe for your children too.

The kitchen countertop is a very important place, they are the site which is used to impress guests, rustle up your family’s favorite dinner, and serve them. They also double up as a place for many unconventional do’s like makeshift table for those helps in homework, redoing or adding the finishing touch to the crafts, a place where you chat with your friend over a coffee mug while prepping for the dinner. And so it deserves the uniqueness that portrays you. The ease of installation acts as the icing on the already wonderful cake.

Kitchen bins: how to choose the one best suited for you

Kitchen bins, Kitchen cleaningKitchen is undoubtedly the heart of every household. Therefore, it is only foolish to take the kitchen lightly while planning to work on the house. The place is filled with appliances for cooking food and washing dishes, storing groceries and many more important activities that are vital to any household. Since the kitchen is a place of vigorous activity, it is only natural that a lot of waste is produced.


Thus, the importance of bins comes into the discussion. Storing waste is not the only utility that the kitchen bins provide to the users. Kitchen bins are important for keeping the fresh smell intact. It is also important to keep the kitchen area free from contamination. It might happen that the collector of garbage would not come by on a particular day. You can only imagine how frustrating it will be if you kitchen is smelly.

Learn to take care of your stainless steel cookware

stainless steel cookware,Kitchen CareStainless steel cookware is the best choice for kitchens. The reason being, stainless steel cookware is beneficial, durable and extremely handy. It is very hygienic and it never affects the flavor of the food that you cook in it. Since stainless steel cookware is so beneficial, you need to know how you can take care of it properly. Here are some tips.

The first thing that you should do is avoid using any kind of abrasive on the stainless steel cookware. Abrasives can scratch the cookware. Second, after every use the stainless steel cookware should be clean with lukewarm soap water. Third, try not to store food in the cookware. Strong food might lead to staining of the cookware. If there are white calcium deposits in the cookware you should use a mixture of water and vinegar with a teaspoon of salt to clean the cookware. This cleaning solution will help you to get rid of the white spots.


Top 5 Decor Ideas For Your Kitchen

The kitchen need not be a drab area where one makes there daily meals. With a bit of little imagination and a little effort, one can do wonders with one’s kitchen. The look can be changed dramatically without much cost and it can be turned into one of the most attractive room in the house.

The most important thing is to go for one’s comfort. Comfort and functionality should always be the two parameters while re-designing one’s kitchen. One can give their kitchen the country look, the minimalistic look or even the funky look. One should put the walls and ceilings to maximum use.

One can hang a rack from the ceiling and keep their utensils and pots hanging. They can also make spices and herbs hanging from the walls. This will give a very attractive look to the kitchen. Additionally, one can change the flooring of the kitchen though at a bit of extra cost.

Keep your silver cutleries as good as new

You can keep your silver cutleries as good as new with a little bit of effort and care. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it should be washed in hand using hot soapy water. The silver cutlery can get eroded if oil or food stuffs stick to it. So ensure that no food residue is sticking to it and rinse properly. You should never use scrubbers or washing liquid which has lemon in it. This will only lead to the damage of your beautiful cutlery.

You may use a stainless steel knife for scrubbing purposes incase food stuffs sticks to it. A brush made of plastic is best to use for cleaning silvery cutlery. The next thing is drying, followed by buffing it with a cloth which is soft and dry. If you want your silver cutlery to sparkle, use a good quality liquid polish. Finally, store your cutlery in a proper cabinet to avoid scratches.

With appropriate care it will last for more than 20 years.

Designing your Kitchen Nook


Select a décor for your kitchen nook that is suitable for your home as well as your style. Buy a comfortable seating which complements your nook’s décor schemes. The nook can be furnished with a booth-style seating or can be equipped with freestanding table with chairs.

Windows can be added to the nook if possible to have natural lighting. The windows having Roman shades are more useful than curtains because they filter the natural light.

Lighting should be installed in your nook. If the nook area does not have windows, your own lighting can be created using fixtures or lamps with tinted bulbs.

Artwork should be added to your nook which reflects the décor scheme. Select simple and unobtrusive designs. Choose paintings, photographs and other artwork to match the nook’s color palette.

Shelves should be installed for storage. Space which is beneath the built-in benches should be used for drawers for holding extra kitchen items.

Designing Floor Plans for Small Kitchens


Measure the kitchen using a tape measure. A sketch of the kitchen should be drawn and measured dimensions should be marked on the paper. Markings should be made for the location of kitchen appliances on your sketch.

Consider making a galley kitchen layout having a long and narrow kitchen having appliances as well as cabinets on either side with a stretch of floor in the middle. Deeper counters should be planned in the kitchen so that you can use counter-top appliances reducing the requirement of large appliances. Lights should be planned under the cabinets on upper side to allow more light.

Place floor tiles creating a diagonal pattern, to get a feel of larger space in your galley kitchen. Place cabinets stretching up to the ceiling. This way you can increase the storage space. A combination of natural as well as artificial light helps for making the small space look bigger.