Beaded lamps for something extra

Almost every home has beautiful lamps as integral part of its décor. So if you want to give your home a different look you cannot get the regular lamps. Be different and get beaded lamps. They look amazing and add a lot of character to your room. The beaded lamps come in different styles and designs and you can get a lamp that complements the overall décor of your room. Most of the lifestyle stores have amazing collection of beaded lamps.

You can go in for the very popular citrine beaded table lamp. This beautiful, opulent beaded lamp has a hand-made rayon shade. The base of this lamp is also exquisite; the resin base is antique brass finished. The lamp shade usually comes in ruby color. You can also opt for the crystal beaded lamp. It will add texture and personality in your room. The lamp comes with a brushed chrome finish and can enhance the overall design of any room.

Removing the light panel from Kitchen Drop Ceiling


Removal of light panel from your kitchen drop ceiling is very easy. The power provided to the light fixture used in the kitchen should be turned off first. A stepladder should be placed under the light panel in your kitchen drop ceiling before starting work.

The light panel should be pushed up slightly using your fingertips. You should support the panel with your fingertips instead of using the drop ceiling grid for giving support to the light panel.

One-half of your light panel should be rested over the top portion of the nearby ceiling panel. The light panel should be held at a slight angle for pulling it through open grid which is under the light. The entire kitchen light panel should be pulled out of kitchen drop ceiling. It might be required that the light panel should be slightly bowed so that it can get past the grid easily.