Natural Fiber Rug Cleaning Process

Natural Fiber Rug cleaning
Cleaning a Natural Fiber Rug

Want to get a natural and organic feel in the interiors of your home? Natural fiber rugs are best suitable for your home. This rug is basically the combination of warm tines with intricate designs and patterns for creating an attractive look. Generally, natural fiber rugs are made up of sisal or wool and sea grass. It helps in increasing and working as a great addition to any of your room. If you’re thinking that natural fiber rugs can be cleaned and treated similar to carpets, than you’re wrong as it is not made up of any synthetic fibers. Here are the tips and steps on cleaning natural fiber rugs for making your rugs look neat and new for a longer period of time.

Steps on cleaning natural fiber rugs:

Start the process by vacuuming:

When it comes for maintaining and cleaning the natural fiber rugs, vacuuming it well is one of the most overlooked steps by the home owners. Regular cleaning and maintaining of natural fiber rugs should be included when you’re cleaning your home interiors.

Regular vacuuming is very important because it helps in reducing the accumulation of dirt and debris in your rugs. Regular vacuuming helps in loosening the debris and dirt. But, if you’re not performing this step, it might lead in accumulating the dirt regularly by the foot traffic into the natural fibers and it create problem in removing it off the rugs.

Removing the stains:

It’s very important to remember by the home owners that natural fiber rugs do not hold up more when it’s subject to extreme moisture situation. So, if you’re thinking that the natural fiber rugs can be easily cleaned likewise other rugs, than you’re wrong. It might not be cleaned in a similar way like other rugs.

For removing the stains that stays even after vacuuming your rugs well, it might require some cleaning solutions and materials for cleaning it permanently off from your rugs. Make the use of white vinegar and dishwashing detergent for preparing the cleaning solution.

Mix it in a bowl and add two cups of Luke warm water into the solution. Here you’re ready for beginning with the process. Make the use of a clean and soft rag for blotting the area affected by the stain. Dampen the cleaning solution on the stain. It’s advisable of repeating the step unless and until the entire stain gets completely off from the surface of your rug.

Dry up your rug:

Natural fiber rugs might invite serious damaging effects if you kept it wet for a longer period of time. Make sure that the drying process if performed effectively. If not dried thoroughly, it might invite curling of corners and might also lead in pulling off the fibers from the rug.

One of the best methods for drying off your natural fiber rug is by rolling it up and dry towel whole of the rug. This will help in absorbing excessive moisture present in your rig. Repeat this step unless your rug is completely dry.

Types of Rug Areas for your Home

I know we have heard about different types of rugs for your home but have you ever thought that the area where you want to install the rugs is considered to be the exact scenario which you need to go with. Many trends has been set for the new and many of them have accepted the same too but just remember one thing that the trends for the rugs is never going to be outdated and it is going to be always in fashion. There are many rug areas for your home where you can go for thinking of installing different types of rugs which you have selected fir the matters of installing it in your home. Let me clear those rug areas for your home and carpet is considered to be two different things which are being designed for the homes.

This article will help you in getting all the information about different rug areas for your home which you can go for in your home. There are certain things and well we can say it as the examples which you can to for when it comes for the matters of rug areas for your home like tufted rug area, needle-felted rug area, knotted rug area, etc. and many more of such things which can help you in the process of discussing about the rug areas for your home.

Types of rug areas for your home

  • Needle-felted rug area

Well, needle-felted rug area is considered to be amongst the most new type of rug areas for your home. Out has been established in before thirty years which is considered to be something new for the home owners as they want to exercise it in their home. it is not handmade but it is being made with the help of the electrical machines which makes it. This machine makes it equal with the help of collecting and attracting the fibres collectively to join with each other. If you are planning for going the most durable in nature type of rug area for your home than mark my words, it is considered to be your thing which you can go for installing in your home.

  • Knotted area rug

If you want to go for such type of rug area for your home which is not only available in machine made but hand made too than, knotted area rug is considered to be your choice which you can go for. This type of rug area comes in many different colors, patterns, designs, etc. well we can say that it is considered to be versatile in nature. It is considered to be more attractive and classy when you are planning for getting the rug area for your home because it is made in such a way that it increase the glaze of installing it in your home. This type of rug areas is being installed in your bathroom or in your room which is considered to be your work when you are planning for going for this types of process sin your home.

Factors to consider while buying carpet

Are you planning to buy a good carper off late for you amazingly decorated drawing space? Carpets are always recognized as a classy add on for any home, be it temporary or vintage. The article here presents some tips that would help you to buy a quality carpet.
First of all, you must check out on twists at yarn pieces- remember many twists assure a good carpet. The carpet underpad is a very important factor here. Do not take to carpets with thin underpads as the thin ones shorten down the longevity of carpets.
Then, it’s needless to remind that carpets are easily affected by stains. Hence your bet would be on the one which is not only visually appealing but also comes with good stain protection, static guard and soil protection. Lastly, make sure to get the carpet from reputable dealer only to ensure an authentic and quality buy.

Unique design of a Moroccan area rug

Moroccan area rug, rugsThere are many customers who prefer to have an area rug in their house and especially that of Morocco. The reason why Moroccan area rugs are so popular is because of their unique design especially the bolder coloration and block like geometry composition. They are hand woven and that is why the designs are so unique. Moroccan area rugs are mainly created by women living in the remote mountains. However with the increase in popularity they are now built by men too. They are dynamic and colorful and their borders are either symmetrical or asymmetrical in the design.

One thing that is very notable in Moroccan area rugs is that they do not have any borders in their design. This is something which is very unique because no other rugs can be found without rugs. Moroccan area rugs are generally a bit more expensive than the normal rugs but considering the unique design and the creativity involved the money will be worth spending.

Oriental rug to give your home an ethnic feel

Oriental rugs refer to the elegant rugs crafted in the Asian nations like Turkey, China, India and Iran. They are usually hand woven with natural fibers and beautifully created with intricate floral or garden motifs or curvilinear or geometric designs. These patterns reflect the ethnicity and religious influence of their geographical locations.

The costly Oriental rugs have a timeless appeal and are the best to bring the perfect dose of glamour in your home with an ethnic feel. You can place it anywhere like the drawing or living area apart from the bedroom. The woolen ones are most preferred since they are soft, durable, fire and dirt resistant. Thus you can easily place them in high traffic areas.

Besides, they come in a variety of sizes and shades and hence you get a huge selection to choose from as per you’re your desired choice. However, these rugs need regular vacuum and make sure to go for a professional cleaning once a year.

Ways to get rid of nasty pet stains from your rugs

Everyone loves their pets, especially children. Their silly annoying habits and all their ways of impressing you make you really fall in love with them. But you hate them equally for spoiling your lovable rugs and carpets. Although you train your pets, there might be a chance when they might do a mistake after or during the process of training. Therefore to maintain both the pets and rugs together, you need to be more careful. That is the basic thing.

The first thing you must do is try to clean the stain as soon as it is created. The longer the stain stays, the stronger will it become. Instead of trying various things, you must directly use special cleaning agents. These cleaning agents are very quick and effective in their action. Pet odor and stain removers are very easily available and are quite affordable also. You should not mind buying something that will create a clean atmosphere for your house.

Cutting Your Braided Garden Rugs

You will have to follow the following tips if you have decided to cut your braided garden rug. First of all you have to observe the size of the rug that has to be cut. Make use of scissors and seam ripper to rip the seam between the braids of the garden rug. Care has to be taken to see to it that the braids are not damaged.

You would do well to cut the braid away from the seams. This is due to the fact that a seam is after all the knitting together of several strips of fabric. Finally cut across the braid too. You will have to use a needle and thread to sew the ends of the braid. Care as to be taken to ensure that the braid is sewed properly. You would do well to check the size of the rug. All you have to do is adjust the size of the rug as according to your need.