How To Keep House Secure While You Are Away

house securityWith the increase in crime rate, specifically burglary, it’s become even more important to make sure there are no weak points in your house. When such crimes happen, not only can you lose valuable possessions, your security now becomes a thing of prime concern. Incidents leave a mark on your mind and soul. To boost up your home security, you need to follow certain steps:

Creating an illusion in other’s mind

Even if you’re not home, you want to create the illusion that you are. You should make sure that the house looks as if it is occupied and the way by which you can do it is by using timers for automatic lighting. This way the pattern will become simulated. It also creates an illusion of someone walking from one room to the other. Another tip is to open your curtains or blinds because it gives a signal that someone is at home.

Safety Precautions to use

Closing the garage, not leaving notes on the door, and locking the doors and windows when you are alone at home during the evening should be things you do religiously. Windows will oftentimes be the prime source of break ins and people won’t even know that their windows aren’t up to date. If you are going out of your house then you should remember to take the key with you and don’t hide it beside the door. Doors should be tightly secured with locks that actually work. You might even want a security camera behind the windows. Also remember to never leave a ladder out because that gives a burglar easy access up to the roof.

Smart gadgets which should be used at your place

Alarm system should be used to ensure that if any suspicious sound is made then the alarm will sound automatically. Using CCTV outside the house and inside is a must. You can monitor the system of your locks by using the highest technology of locks. Keeping a video monitor inside the house will tap any conversation and sound that occurs. You can also put a sensor system in your cell phone so that an alert is automatically set up. Motion detectors should be used in the house as well. In fact, putting sensors in the windows is also ideal so if any part is broken, the alarm will ring.

Other measures can include trimming down the shrubs and bushes from where the thieves can hide behind. Accessible doors should be illuminated. The yard, driveway and other points of entrance which remains in dark most of the time should be lit up. The back portion of the house should be well concealed. Lastly, it is the neighbours who can rescue you from any kind of suspicious activity by looking after your house while you are away.

Safety aspects when living with kids

Children are the most precious for every parent in the world and it is their duty to keep them safe from any kind of harm that might befall them. They do not understand that fire is hot and they will get burnt or that a razor is sharp and they might cut themselves and even if we do tell them, sometimes they either do not wish to understand or might be that cerebrally developed to understand human speech.

Hence, it is a must that every house must be baby proofed. Baby proofing the entire house can be quite a task and it must be undertaken under the supervision of an expert. When a baby learns to crawl, he might accidentally bump against something hard or sharp and get hurt.

So, there are a few things that the parents need to do themselves such as making sure that there are no inflammable or sharp objects within the kids’ reach. Special care must be taken to keep the floors clean and dry to avoid infections and accidental tripping and last but not the least, one must keep an eye on the children when they play with toys so that they don’t swallow them.