Cost effective nursery décor tips

nursery décor tipsThe nursery wallpapers of the traditional kinds will show you a pastel with lovely pallets. Pastels always give a relaxing and a calming feel. However, the eyes of little baby will not be able to differentiate a shade of pastel from another one. Therefore, you should get a color scheme that will have two shades that are dark surrounding certain interesting objects. You can choose different themes for the room. You could go with the theme of the Noah’s Ark and decorate the borders with different animals that would be outlined around the main picture.

The eyes of the baby will gradually develop and will be able to make out the shapes and finally will be able to recognize the different colorful animals. There are a lot of different themes that you could choose from such as circuses, sports, farms and teddy bears. You could choose the classics like Winnie, Mother Goose or Mickey Mouse.