Effective color palate for your bathroom

Bathroom is the most vital and personal space of your home. The bathroom design should reflect your character, give a luxurious feel and set the perfect mood. Colors have a strong affect on your mood and they can inspire many emotions. So, it is very important to choose an effective color palate for your bathroom.

You must always go for colors that fill you with energy and bliss. Pastels can give your bathroom a calm and serene feel, while bright colors may be more vibrant. If you want your small bathroom to appear larger, go for lighter shades as they give a more open feel. On the other hand, the neutral shades will make your bathroom look chic and classy. You can always use white, as it reflects sophistication, strength and balance. The lighter colors like blue give a simple yet sober feel to your bathroom. Colors like yellow will reflect the energy and warmth of the shinning sunrays.