Good bits about bamboo flooring

bamboo flooringSince time immemorial, bamboo has been used as a building material for many applications. Therefore it is not surprising then, that architects and engineers are increasingly fascinated by the qualities of bamboo to the point of integrating it into the most modern technologies. His strength and hardness exceeds woods such as oak, which is why it is also known as stainless steel vegetable or herb. In recent years, bamboo is also being widely used in interior design, may increasingly find bamboo flooring, wall coverings, furniture, doors design, etc.

A sustainable material

The bamboo comes from a grass that grows in Asia, Central America and Africa. Let’s get crops in a period of time between 5 and 6 years unlike other timber species that require up to four times. In addition to being an herb does not need replanting, and that flows naturally each year. The rapid growth of the plant is its great strength against the wood, as the performance of a bamboo forest can be 20 times greater than that of a tree. This does not mean that the wood is also an environmentally friendly choice as controlled wood farms entail an increase of forests, keeping them healthy and developing.

Architecture and Bamboo

The strength, durability and sustainability are the three main factors that are influencing the increasing use of bamboo by architects and designers. Architects like Simon Velez, Kengo Kuma or Vo Trong Nghia are references worldwide in the use of bamboo for its innovative architecture. There are hundreds of varieties distinguishing between woody species and herbaceous. Usually grows into real forests but today have been greatly reduced by cutting the human being. We can find in the wild in China, the central and northern Andes, in areas of the Amazon, Mexico and some other Latin American countries. More and more bamboo is planted in plantations for exploitation. Although it may be profitable exploitation at four or five years some varieties may require even more than ten. Usually also be part of many gardens because it is very decorative and durable.