Hanging Your Homemade Wall Spice Racks

You need to be careful and skillful while hanging your homemade wall spice racks. It can be said that a wall-mounted spice rack is a nice idea in your home. You would first of all have to find out the possibility of interference from the studs behind the wall before the installation of the spice racks. You can then position the spice rack on the wall. The rack has to be leveled in place with the help of the carpenter’s pencil.

You would do well to make use of an electric drill to create holes in the wall. A molly bolt has to be inserted into one of these holes. You should screw the molly bolt clockwise. Ensure that the barrel remains stationary in the wall. Now the molly bolt has to be unscrewed anti-clockwise. Molly bolts should be inserted into the mounting holes of the spice racks so that they are held tight.