How to decorate your guest room

Home decor ideas, guest room decorGuest rooms are considered to be very important nowadays because everyone likes it if people visit their homes and spend a day or two with them. When you are decorating your guest room, see to it that the room is welcoming and the person who stays in the room feels comfortable.

Use bright and cheerful colors in the room. Decorate it with paintings, wall hangings, wall posters, different kinds of lights, fresh flowers in beautiful vases etc. You can design the guest room based on a particular theme. Only use furniture which will be helpful for the guest who will be spending the night in the room.

You can add a decorative mirror the room. There can also be a television and radio provided for the entertainment of the guest. In order to provide storage space for the guest, nice spacious closets and dressers should be there in the room. No matter what you do, ensure the room is relaxing and attractive.