Install French Bifold Doors for your Home

French bifold door image
Constructed French bifold door

French bifold doors are used in the form of pivot pins for the movements that are present at the inner side of their bottom and top edges. It is among the typical feature found in most of the French bifold doors along with the sliding track that is usually observed on the top surface of the door. Most of the time, French bifold doors are installed for closet or are commonly used as the folding doors between the closely situated rooms. French bifold doors are hinged and inserted by using pins and then mounted on the door track. If you’re thinking that installing the French bifold doors is not a demanding task than you’re wrong. It’s not a demanding task but it does need certain amount of attention while installing it. And for starters, you might need to pay more attentions and should be very careful while taking proper measurement because basically French doors swings to the inner side, towards the interiors of your home. So it’s advisable of allocating proper space for your French door to close and open freely. Similar to that, it’s also important to be cautious while measuring the length and width of the opening where the French bifold door is to be installed. It’s advisable of leaving some space back for further changes.

French bifold door installation:

  • Start by marking with a pencil that which side your door should be opened. And which side should be used for installing the external knobs of the door.
  • Make the use of hinges and fasten them on the door by screwing them properly. For screwing the hinges of the door, make the use of pencil for marking the positioning of the door. Mark it about eight inches from the top to the middle section of the door and from the bottom say for 12 inches to its middle section.
  • Connect the hinges to the respective positions marked by the pencil and point it up towards the market lines. Fasten the pivot plates to the bottom and the top door. Make the use of a drilling machine for screwing it well on its place.
  • Now attach the locking arms of the door. These are offered as any part of the commercial production door kit. It’s advisable of ensuring that the locking arms of the door should open to the rear side of the door.
  • Now, set up the French bifold door’s tracks on the door frames installed. Start screwing the top section of the door tracks into the door frame. But wait for some while before you’re installing the bottom section of the door.
  • Now, it’s the right time for hanging the door. Just slide up the pins into the pivot plates installed along with the top end of the French door. Secure the pivot plate by twisting them to its locking configuration.
  • Now, secure the bottom section by screwing the door into its pivot plates. It’s advisable of double checking the fixation into the door frame for better adjustments.