Keeping your wooden cupboard moist free

wooden cupboard, furnitureIn every house storage is a natural activity for various purposes, for this reason cupboard is a part of our rooms for storing our clothes and other required items. Therefore, one should keep its cupboard moisture free. When humidity rises, water saturation of wood even rises. If you have a wooden cupboard you would definitely want it to be in a tip top condition for as long as possible. As wood easily absorbs the moisture, you need to provide special care to it.
Here are certain tips to keep your cupboard moist free:
• Avoid keeping damp clothes in the cupboard.
• To fight against the moisture, silica sachets should be kept in the cupboard.
• Sprinkling few cloves through your clothes and using neem leaves are other ways to keep the cupboard free from moisture.
• Keep your cupboard absolutely dry; do not let water to creep into your cupboard as this might swell the portions of your wooden cupboard.