Making the kids love their room

Kids can be really grumpy and choosy about what they want and what they do not want. It is important to design the kid’s room sitting with them and keeping their likes, dislikes and suggestions in mind. If that doesn’t happen they will not be really happy with their own room and therefore spend most of their time in your room (parents’ room). At night especially they will sneak out of their own room and cuddle on your bed instead. Designing a kid’s room can be a difficult and challenging task keeping in mind two main factors- number one, the kid’s choice, and number two, your budgetary conditions. Since it is the children’s room it should have a very warm and welcoming feeling and it should look peppy, bright, attractive and inviting.

Bright coloured paints like blue, yellow, orange, and pink (for girls) should be used. The wallpaper if you plan to put it can have the photos of the child’s favourite cartoon character say Tom and Jerry. After the colours are looked after then is the time for the furnishing. The furniture in a kid’s room should necessarily be- a kid’s bed. This should not be too small as the kid is still growing and investing in a good bed seems like a good option. A cabinet for putting his/her clothes and books. A nightstand or bedside table to add style in the kid’s room and a dresser in case there is a requirement for storage of extra clothes and a study table.

After furnishing is looked after completely it is important to decide the right kind of upholstery for going with it. This is the area where you take your child’s suggestions into consideration and therefore take the colour and design of his/ her choice. Bed covers, cushions, and bed sheets should be of the Childs choice.