Oriental rug to give your home an ethnic feel

Oriental rugs refer to the elegant rugs crafted in the Asian nations like Turkey, China, India and Iran. They are usually hand woven with natural fibers and beautifully created with intricate floral or garden motifs or curvilinear or geometric designs. These patterns reflect the ethnicity and religious influence of their geographical locations.

The costly Oriental rugs have a timeless appeal and are the best to bring the perfect dose of glamour in your home with an ethnic feel. You can place it anywhere like the drawing or living area apart from the bedroom. The woolen ones are most preferred since they are soft, durable, fire and dirt resistant. Thus you can easily place them in high traffic areas.

Besides, they come in a variety of sizes and shades and hence you get a huge selection to choose from as per you’re your desired choice. However, these rugs need regular vacuum and make sure to go for a professional cleaning once a year.