Designing Floor Plans for Small Kitchens


Measure the kitchen using a tape measure. A sketch of the kitchen should be drawn and measured dimensions should be marked on the paper. Markings should be made for the location of kitchen appliances on your sketch.

Consider making a galley kitchen layout having a long and narrow kitchen having appliances as well as cabinets on either side with a stretch of floor in the middle. Deeper counters should be planned in the kitchen so that you can use counter-top appliances reducing the requirement of large appliances. Lights should be planned under the cabinets on upper side to allow more light.

Place floor tiles creating a diagonal pattern, to get a feel of larger space in your galley kitchen. Place cabinets stretching up to the ceiling. This way you can increase the storage space. A combination of natural as well as artificial light helps for making the small space look bigger.

Remodeling the House within your Budget


Remodel your old kitchen shelves, giving them a different look. Repaint the old cabinets instead of replacing. Sand their surfaces well prior to painting or refinishing. Molding or trim can be added to dress them. Updating of your color scheme is necessary. Paint the walls, buy matching artwork and accessories. Keep costly large pieces, as the sofa and draperies, in neutral shades, making it easier and cheap for changing the look of your room with the addition of pops of different shades.

Buy new light fixtures. Task lighting can be added to the kitchen, with new fixtures on the front side of the porch or above the garage. Changing the lighting creates a big impact spending little amount.

Laminate flooring can be used in place of hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring imparts the same look but costs less. Estimates can be obtained from many contractors if you are planning a major project.

Painting the Wenge Wood


Sand the Wenge wood surface, in the direction of the grain until you get a smooth surface. Fill all pits and pores using wood putty, to create a smooth surface allowing the putty for becoming dry. Sand the putty so that the surface becomes smooth.

Apply a coating of wood sealant on the total surface of the wood. This helps in preventing the seeping of paint in the wood grain. The sealant is allowed to become dry before moving to next step.

Paint the wood with a layer of primer if you desire to obscure the patterns of grain on the wood fully. The primer is allowed to become dry. Another layer of primer should be added if you find that the grain is still showing. The primer is allowed to become fully dry before you move on to the next step. Paint the wood using the desired paint color.

Ideas to Decorate your Girly Bathroom

Soft and Romantic

White and soft reddish colors dominate this girly bathroom, with rose-colored wallpaper on the top half portion of the wall as well as rose paint applied on the bottom half. Place a big white colored mirror above your sink and add racks for holding makeup, hair gels as well as accessories. Line all windows along with showers with white colored lace curtains and you can tie them behind using a rose tassel.

Elegant and Feminine

Use marble floors having ivory walls to give an elegant look to a feminine bathroom. You can install a sink above an ivory cabinet, you can place two small chandeliers made of crystal above. You can have crystal knobbed handles for the sink and shower as well as tub, scattering silver accents all throughout the bath and tub area. You can have frosted glass for enclosing shower and windows to retain privacy while allowing light to enter.