Tips for mold-free washroom

bathroom care, bathroomHave your washroom come under the mould attack lately? Well washroom is the favorite breeding spot for mould as the place is always damp and wet. Moulds make the place look ugly and create an unhygienic atmosphere. Have a look at some tips that will help you to make the washroom free from moulds.
• Cork flooring will help to prevent the growth and breeding of moulds in the washroom.
• Increase proper circulation of air and if possible expose the washroom to proper sunlight.
• Use chlorine bleach solution to clean the affected areas. Spray the solution at those areas and let it kill the moulds and wash off with water after 10 minutes.
• Spray borax solution for additional action after bleaching.
• Try to keep the washroom as dry as possible.
• Old fixtures and faucets should be replaced when they become loose and wear out. Go for new and solid tight handles.
• Go for complete renovation if mould breeding is at optimum level.