Tips on painting concrete floors

concrete floors, floor paintingWhen you need a designer floor, its best to paint the floor. This can give you a truly mesmerizing design finish of the floor. Painting a concrete floor is not as easy as painting an interior wall or a wooden furniture. The following tips will guide you on how to paint your concrete floor:

• First step is to clean the surface. Remove any unwanted concrete finish and scrap away the carpet glue if it was laid.
• If it was painted already, remove that using a good sand paper. Just remove the thick chunks only.
• If there’s any damage to concrete, fix it.
• Apply sand paper one or two times to make the surface smooth. Then dust away all the scraps & dust.
• Choose a good floor paint, and start applying by using a roller from one corner of the room.
• Finally give a coat of floor enamel to get a satin finish to the floor.