Tips to clean glass tiles

clean glass tilesHaving glass tiles in your house is a great benefit because they are non porous which in turn does not let any kind of dirt or stain to stay in them. They are available in so many designs and colors and they look good in any room. There are times when they also need cleaning and many people think that it is a tedious job to clean glass tiles but in reality it is not difficult at all. Some of the tips that might help you to clean glass tiles are as follows:

• The first thing that you will need to clean the tiles is water and vinegar. You will have to mix them in equal proportions in a spray bottle. Wait for some time to get the water and vinegar mix well.

• After that you can spray the solution over the tiles that are dirty and you have to let the solution settle down for a while.

• Once the solution settles on the surface it removes the stains. You will just need a brush to clean the surface now. You can use any old toothbrush and slowly rub the stains away from the surface. The only thing that you need to make sure is the brush should not be too hard; otherwise there might be stains on the glass.

• When this is done you can clean the tiles with fresh water again and after that you need to wipe it with a dry cloth. While wiping the water away you should see that there should not be any drops of water left because in that case there would be water streaks and that would not look good on the glass tiles. So you just need to be a bit careful while cleaning and the rest will automatically fall into place.