Tips To Keep Your Home Warm Without A Heater

Home Warm Without A HeaterWith the change in weather condition we use the electric blanket not only to keep us warm during night but also during daytime as winter season can be really chilling. A feeling of depression slide down on most of the people as the winter arrives.

Below given are some of the tips that will help you to keep your home warm during winter season as well as keep you relaxed cool and comfortable when your heating bills arrive at your home.

• Turn down the thermostat – Turn down your thermostat to 68 degrees as it will help to keep your room warm and also keep you calm during winter time. This is one of the great ideas for saving money on your bill during cold winter season.

• Energy efficient doors, roofs and windows – Installing energy efficient doors roofs and windows with help of professionals will keep the hot air in and cold air out of the home. Beside this it also adds resale value to your home and will also help to lower down the heating costs.

• Let the sun shine in – Let the rays of the sun come into your home by opening your curtains and shades of your home. Not all the days are cold. There are few days when sun comes out. This activity will make your room warm in a better way.

• Rearrange the furniture – Rearrange the furniture in such a way that it doesn’t assemble near drafty windows. This will make you feel warm and also you can relax on your comfortable seat without turning the heat on. Rearranging the furniture is another great idea to save money on heating.

• Limit shower usage – It is ideal to purchase a low flow shower head as you don’t want your water bill to go up. Showers are a great way to keep you hot when your bones get chilled.

• Seal older windows and doors – It is important to know how long ago the windows and doors were installed. It is necessary to seal the creases with defensive caulk. This is also ideal for pipes or vents that come out of walls with its opening around it. Placing towel or plastic in the crease at the foot of the door will help to make the cold air out of the window and keep your room warm.

• Use of ceiling fans – One of the interesting facts that we come through is that ceiling fans in reality help to keep the room warm. The heat which is stored in the ceiling pushes them around the room as we switch the blades to move in clockwise direction.