Types of Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrrorMirror is a very essential part of your bathroom. It doesn’t matter how frequently you use it or what is the size of it but selection of a correct mirror for your bathroom is very essential. Choosing the mirror of correct style, size and shape let your bathroom look large and stylish. Here are some types of mirror which you can install in your bathroom.

1)   Wall mounting, frame and cut

Wall mounting mirrors are relatively easy to install in the bathroom. Along with ease it also comparatively cheap. These types of mirrors are very simple and can be hung on the wall like a picture. Before choosing the mirror take a thought on how it will look in your frame and fittings and the color and wall of your bathroom.

If your mirror is frameless then it can be directly mounted on the wall by using some kind of adhesive. The specialty of this kind of mirror is that it can be of any size you want as it is hung on nothing which gives it a special effect. The edge of this mirrors are rounded to prevent some accidents.

2)   Fogless Mirrors

There are plenty of ways to make your bathroom mirror fogless. The most popular methods include heating up the mirror and surface treatments. Fog free surface treatments are semi permanent water repellent coatings and sprays which is applied to the front part of the mirror. This treatment is to be repeated over time and again for maintaining the similar result.  You are also available with another option where low powered heating elements can be installed on the rear surface of your bathroom mirror which is wired into the bathroom lighting. Fog is usually seen on the mirror due the temperature difference between the mirror and the surrounding air. By setting this temperature difference, the amount of fog on the mirror of your bathroom is decreased or it is completely eliminated. This mirror heating system can be expensive as it uses electricity.

3)   Illuminated Mirrors

For those who like perfect make up or shaving, illuminated mirrors are considered very beneficial as these illuminated bathroom mirrors have lights fitted on their edges. It gives a beautiful look because it provides an unconventional source of light on the ceiling. While going for an illuminated bathroom mirror, take care that the light source is evenly spread around the frame or it should come from both the sides of the mirror. This illuminated mirror will cast strange types of shadows on your face if the light is coming from one side or from top or bottom. You won’t see your face like this anywhere except for this illuminated mirror if not fitted properly. Your budget can increase as these mirrors require additional wiring.

4)   Mirror integrated into vanities

These types of mirrors are designed in such a way that it matches the vanity units. Thus if your vanity matches rest of the bathroom, your bathroom mirror will also match bathroom décor. Generally other mirrors are directly attached to the vanity units. If these mirrors are on a pivot then you can set it according to your height and to an angle which is most preferable to you. Vanity mirrors can also be illuminated, if it is so you need to aware about where it is to be plugged in.