Unique design of a Moroccan area rug

Moroccan area rug, rugsThere are many customers who prefer to have an area rug in their house and especially that of Morocco. The reason why Moroccan area rugs are so popular is because of their unique design especially the bolder coloration and block like geometry composition. They are hand woven and that is why the designs are so unique. Moroccan area rugs are mainly created by women living in the remote mountains. However with the increase in popularity they are now built by men too. They are dynamic and colorful and their borders are either symmetrical or asymmetrical in the design.

One thing that is very notable in Moroccan area rugs is that they do not have any borders in their design. This is something which is very unique because no other rugs can be found without rugs. Moroccan area rugs are generally a bit more expensive than the normal rugs but considering the unique design and the creativity involved the money will be worth spending.