Use white for linen for a softer appeal

Home decor ideas, home decorFabrics are the soul of a home décor. No matter how beautiful a theme is to a home it is incomplete without the proper fabric. The fabrics here signify all the things made of cloth used to decorate the home. It can be carpets, rugs, bed sheets, cushion covers, pillow cases, curtains, blinds, table top covers and shower curtains.
In order to go for a soft appeal to your home that radiates tranquility go forth with the color white. If not absolutely suitable try lighter shades of white and light colors.

White linen on your bed gives the sense of cleanliness and peace to your home. Even usage of white in fabrics amplify the spaciousness of the room, brighten it up with the reflection of light and also gives an air of calmness that is not easily associated to any other color. When going for the Tuscan theme for decorating your home white is an all time classic.