Vintage décor for your curtains

Vintage décor for your curtainsAre you aligned towards vintage decor? You add a spice of vintage décor to the interior of your house by adding vintage décor to the curtains of your home. While selecting curtains you have to keep the vintage design patterns in your mind. In earlier times the curtains used to be heavily and intricately designed. Sometimes even the embroidery used to be done with expensive threads.

So while selecting the curtains go for heavily designed. Also keep in mind that the color of the curtain that you are choosing should go well with the interior of your room. The cutting and stitching of the curtains should also be in compliance with the vintage style. The plaited curtains used to be much in demand in those days. So instruct your tailor to stitch the curtains in the same way as the ones used by the kings and he emperors in the earlier days.