What are the right shades for your bedroom?

shades for bedroomAre you planning to refurbish your bedroom off late and looking for the right color palette? Well, a bedroom easily allows to explore a number of options when it comes to colors – hence you a versatile selection here to pick from as per the theme of your bedroom décor. The post below extends a brief on the right color complimenting your bedroom.


This is the most sought-after option when it comes to bedrooms and its eternal aura never allows it to go old. Blue is characterized by coolness and tranquility both of which are ideal to get the desired relaxed feel inside the bedroom. Besides, blue has this rare ability to match up with any theme of décor, be it vintage or trendy or nautical.


Ivory is a wonderful choice when you have a small bedroom. The smaller spaces need lighter shades to create a better spacious feel inside and ivory would be an amazing option here. If you think an all-ivory room is too stark, add on a splash of red on one of the walls to create a smart contrast. Get the red color on wall with the bed in front to come up with a bright focal point inside.


Don’t forget the green here. Mint green is the most loved color when it comes to bedrooms. Akin to blue, mint green carries a certain degree of coolness which is always as you lay down on the bed after a long tiring day.


Pink is another good option in regards to bedrooms, specifically if its for your little princess or the teen queen. The shade is simply lovely with a balanced lightness of white mixed with the warmth of crimson. If you are looking for a shade that would be neither too dark nor too light, vote for pink.